What went through my mind yesterday.

4:00pm – “shit, I forgot to take out the chicken from the freezer to defrost? What should I make for dinner later?”
4:15pm – hubs called and say he need to stay late in the office. “Alright, since my sous chef is not available, need to cook something simple.”
4:45pm – “what to cook? Corned beef, potato stew?
5:30pm – “ok… almost done with my work, need to pack up soon”
6:00pm – Boss came back to office! “This is just great.”
(Spent the next hour discussing work with my boss…)
7:05pm – driving to pick up JH. “Ohh I know, I can make sardine!, it’s easy and JH loves tomatoes! & I can stir fry the long beans that had been sitting in my fridge forever.”
7:20pm – Arrived hubbs office, JH refuse to go without his da-da, spend another 10 minutes coaxing him to follow me to the car. I bribe him with a banana.
7:30pm – Arrived home.
(Spend the next 45 mins making dinner while JH watch this.)
8:15pm – We say grace and have our dinner.
8:20pm – JH refuse to eat on his own and started crying for no reason! “$#^&&%*&%”
8:25pm – Turns our he needs to pee.
8:35pm – JH is almost done with his dinner… suddenly he said ” Mommy, I need to go poo poo”.  Me: “Why can’t he do it with his pee just now?! “$^*&())_(%$%$^%!”
8:40pm – Finally we finish our dinner. I do the dishes and JH played with his toys.
9:00pm – Took JH to shower.
9:10pm – We read 5 books together, all of his favourite.
9:25pm – JH had his milk, we say our prayer, sang him his favourite song, and he went to sleep.
9:40pm – ‘The floor feels dirty, let’s do a quick sweep”.
10:00pm – I shower, had some fruits, read some times magazine, watch the final part of Tomorrowland, and off I went to sleep.


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