BABY NO. 2: W15

  • Can’t fit my old pants anymore. Leggings is my everyday go-to these days.
  • My bump seems more prominent compared to my first pregnancy with JH. I hardly show when I was 5 months preggie.
  • Less fatigue in the morning. I can hop off my bed when the clock strikes 6:45am and I start my day prepping breakfast/dinner for the family.
  • Gain a lot of appetite, like a lot! I’ve been consuming whenever I feel hungry, and whatever happens to be most convenient. There was once my boss as if I were eating for 5. 😛
  • I’ve got myself a serious case of Baby Brain. I will go up and down the stairs in the office just because I forgot to collect the drawings that I printed out, while on my way to fill up the water bottle; or at times when I think of a question to ask, and realised that I’ve forgotten what my question was…. it was pretty embarrassing.
  • Can’t wait to find out baby no.2’s gender on our next check up!



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