Inspiration through pages.

Screenshot_2016-02-13-16-05-35Today, we went for brunch at a new found cafe & coffee bar near our home. I would describe the place as: simple, intricate, sun-drenched with an adorned setting. Both hubbs and I were so in love with the black & white adorned setting. I looked at him and sad: “if we were to own our cafe, this is exactly how it’s gonna look like. The food was scrumptious and coffee was good! Besides my toddler who refuses to eat his food, everything else was perfect. Then I stumble upon an issue of antholgy, which was one of my favourite design magazine, besides anthropologie, wallpaper & cereal. As I flip through the pages, it reminded me how did I fall in love with art & design in the first place. Every page, every visuals vividly reminds my passion and love for design. Almost a decade since I finished college and started working, I’ve gotten so immersed and attuned to getting the job done that sometimes I kinda forgot the fundamentals of my career – to design with a story. Its amazing how those few minutes of reading and browsing can do to inspire me to be a better designer.


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