New Year Resolution 2016.

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This year I do not have any ambitious of life changing resolutions, instead I want to write a realistic ones so that I can live happier, healthier and joyfully, one day at a time. So here goes:

With baby no.2, I want to try breastfeeding for a longer period this time around. My first experience with JH was really hard as I had excruciating pain from the labour, hence I was put off by it. Also, my previous company does not have a facility for nursing mothers and I was on the run all the time as soon as I get back to work. I hope I can do better this year with baby no. 2.

Buying less = buying better
Ever since we shifted home, hubbs and I had been focusing on cluttering for the past year. We realized that more often we purchase things that we don’t need, just because it was on sale or that the price is exceptionally low. Instead now we learned to purchase things base on value, sustainability and practicality. 

Change my mindset/attitude towards my job
Since I made a career move 6 months ago, it had been the most challenging period of my life, trying to juggle my time and role between family & career. But I’ve slowly learned to put aside personal feeling when it comes to dealing with problems and people from my job. I’m learning to be tougher, stronger in order to enhance my skills and development as a better designer.

Cut down food wastage
Since living on our own, I had strive to cook more to save money as well as to encourage my family to eat healthy. Not the best cook but I try my best. One thing I learned though is that if you don’t plan you meals preparation/grocery list, it can lead to plenty of food wastage. So this year, my aim is to plan our meals better and hopefully 0 wastage when it comes to food.

Spending quality time with JH
With a growing belly, hubbs and I were pretty anxious how JH’s gonna react with his future baby bro/sis, heck, we ourselves don’t even know how we’re gonna handle it! So I want to make sure that we’ll be able to spend quality time with him before the birth of baby no.2. We’d been resuming our walks in the park (like we used to), brought him swimming, and lots of outdoor activities. I know it’s gonna be hard on him later on but for now I just want to have a good fun time with him.



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