Few Favourite Things – Feb 2016

IMG_20160326_160232…this box of books, because it’s JH’s current favourite and he can read up to level 2!

IMG_20160326_155628…this multipurpose clear, because this beauty is truly a beast!

IMG_20160326_160959…these maternity cloths from H&M, because I didn’t know how comfortable & stylish they are!

IMG_20160329_133739…this crib, because soon JH will need to migrate to a bigger bed to make way for his little sister.

IMG_20160329_133630…this wooden floor, because we’ve been doing lots lego building, pre-school learning materials with JH here, thanks to that unfortunate event.


Little things that’s hard to come by

Today, due to an unexpected fire break-out at Menara Gamuda, hubbs call me up to see if I can pick up him JH as the building was they were in was cordoned off until the fire fighters put out the fire. So, upon quickly wrapping up my work, I left at 5:30pm and we arrived home by 6pm.

  • We cooked and finished dinner at 7pm (it was still daylight)
  • We managed to do 2 loads of laundry
  • Hubbs manage to go to the gym
  • We watched this cute little video
  • JH had his play time on his own, without being rushed to go to bed.

It’s delightful. 🙂

BABY NO. 2: W21

  • We’re halfway there but I feel so huge already!
  • Baby is exceptionally active. Lots of thrust and hustle going in there… especially at night!
  • No more constipation, woohoo!
  • Contracted a very bad cold sore on the side of my lips, I’m not sure it has anything to do with hormones but it’s freaking painful!
  • We’ve decided to visit my previous gynae (he’s amazing!), then we’ll decide where would I be delivering baby no. 2.


Date night.

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Last weekend, hubbs had a party event at the new Zouk in Jalan Tun Razak. Since the theme was ‘Back to School’, he actually put up an Oxford shirt & a bow tie. It’s actually quite funny. Anyways, we were there for like an hour or so and decided that clubbing/partying just aren’t our thing anymore. So we decided to leave early and cruise along KL city searching for street food. We pass by this place where we used to hunt for wedding card prints near Jalan Imbi. As we scratch our head thinking where to eat, we saw a hawker stalls along Jalan Imbi where there’s lots of people eating. So we decided to give it a try & it turns out to be the best damn ‘Hokkien Mee’ I’ve ever tried. Seriously its very scrumptious.

Then after, we decided to get some dessert. So hubbs brought me to Jalan Alor where there were rows and rows of street food. It’s like a food haven and tourist galore. You can basically see anyone from anywhere in the world, it just felt like I’m not even in Malaysia anymore. Tee-hee.

We were having lots of fun until my biological clock kicked in and I start to snooze on our way home. Looking back, we have not had so much fun just lingering and eat as we walk by. I learned that as marriage progress, it’s not the finer things you chase after, whether its splurgy dinners or weekend getaways, but the little things like eating street foods, putting sock & blanket for me when before I go to bed (because I’m too lazy). Those little things are what marriage is all about. (well, for me at least)

Holiday activities!

IMG_20160123_095056As of to date, we have exactly 5 months before baby no. 2 arrives. Amidst of all the buzy-ness, I’ve been trying to spend as much time as I can with JH.

Every night after dinner, I’d squeeze in a good 15-30 mins of reading time with him. JH loves reading, not on his own but he really enjoys someone reading to him. I’ve also purchased his first Peter & Jane series and I can catch a glimpse of my challenging time ahead coaching & guiding this chipmunk who only has 5-seconds of attention span. Good lord, how will I survive being a parent when he starts school!?

Besides that, we’d been going to the nearby park for a walk every weekend and it’s been so fulfilling for our wellness. We even brought a picnic basket in one of our trips, Teehee it was so much fun, till we start attracting the attention of the monkeys… OOps. 😛

This coming holiday, I plan to get more writing exercise sheets including writing 笔画 to brush up JH’s mandarin language. my little chitty-chatter will turn banana soon if I don’t start working on his mandarin! Other activities will includes lots of swimming session with da-da, and helping chores with mommy!

I can’t wait for today to be over, GAHHH!


Baby No. 2: W19

Last Saturday, we went for our monthly check up and guess what, we got a hint of baby no. 2’s gender. According to my gynae, he can’t see anything in between the butt, so most probably we’ll be expecting a baby girl, or that perhaps our little baby boy have unusually small scrotum :O . Anyways, the doc will confirm again in our next month check up, hubbs’ definitely all over the moon, but generally we’re just happy that baby is well and healthy.

We had been pretty occupied with daily life- work, house chores, making meals and generally being a parent to a 3 year old. Work had been consuming a lot of us and we had been struggling to find time for ourselves. Last night, as I was lying on my bed, just couldn’t shut my eyes thinking about:

  • Where to put the baby cot since our new place’s 3rd room is so far away from our master bed?
  • Which hospital should I deliver the baby?
  • Where did I stuff all of JH’s newborn stuff?
  • Still can’t find a confinement lady.
  • Our kitchen pipe is leaking.
  • What to pack for JH on our CNY trip, to keep my little preschooler busy.
  • Need to start JH on his mandarin class, or else he couldn’t catch up when he enters primary school.
  • Have not plan the itin for our upcoming babymoon.

So yeah there’s lots of stuff going on my mind now, so much so that this happens:

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Yupe, talk about serious case of baby brain huh.