Baby No. 2: W19

Last Saturday, we went for our monthly check up and guess what, we got a hint of baby no. 2’s gender. According to my gynae, he can’t see anything in between the butt, so most probably we’ll be expecting a baby girl, or that perhaps our little baby boy have unusually small scrotum :O . Anyways, the doc will confirm again in our next month check up, hubbs’ definitely all over the moon, but generally we’re just happy that baby is well and healthy.

We had been pretty occupied with daily life- work, house chores, making meals and generally being a parent to a 3 year old. Work had been consuming a lot of us and we had been struggling to find time for ourselves. Last night, as I was lying on my bed, just couldn’t shut my eyes thinking about:

  • Where to put the baby cot since our new place’s 3rd room is so far away from our master bed?
  • Which hospital should I deliver the baby?
  • Where did I stuff all of JH’s newborn stuff?
  • Still can’t find a confinement lady.
  • Our kitchen pipe is leaking.
  • What to pack for JH on our CNY trip, to keep my little preschooler busy.
  • Need to start JH on his mandarin class, or else he couldn’t catch up when he enters primary school.
  • Have not plan the itin for our upcoming babymoon.

So yeah there’s lots of stuff going on my mind now, so much so that this happens:

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Yupe, talk about serious case of baby brain huh.


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