Holiday activities!

IMG_20160123_095056As of to date, we have exactly 5 months before baby no. 2 arrives. Amidst of all the buzy-ness, I’ve been trying to spend as much time as I can with JH.

Every night after dinner, I’d squeeze in a good 15-30 mins of reading time with him. JH loves reading, not on his own but he really enjoys someone reading to him. I’ve also purchased his first Peter & Jane series and I can catch a glimpse of my challenging time ahead coaching & guiding this chipmunk who only has 5-seconds of attention span. Good lord, how will I survive being a parent when he starts school!?

Besides that, we’d been going to the nearby park for a walk every weekend and it’s been so fulfilling for our wellness. We even brought a picnic basket in one of our trips, Teehee it was so much fun, till we start attracting the attention of the monkeys… OOps. 😛

This coming holiday, I plan to get more writing exercise sheets including writing 笔画 to brush up JH’s mandarin language. my little chitty-chatter will turn banana soon if I don’t start working on his mandarin! Other activities will includes lots of swimming session with da-da, and helping chores with mommy!

I can’t wait for today to be over, GAHHH!



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