Few favourite things – March 2016

IMG_20160329_133344…this new makeup remover, because I’m just into French things lately
IMG_20160313_154119…this French press, because it’s given to me by my bestie and look how gorgeous the blue is!
IMG_20160326_160312…this frying pan, because the hubbs enjoyed cooking for the family and we love spending time cooking together in the kitchen, plus its impeccable quality of course.
IMG_20160322_093343…this travel French press, because I just can’t get enough of it.
IMG_20160326_155948…this phone, because it’s 4 years old now, and it had always been precious to me as hubbs purchase it for me (for the second time) as a gift after JH is born. (So glad to able to find a replacement battery)
IMG_20160326_155750…this map, because it brought us around Langkawi island. (Yes, we totally shut off Waze & Google Map for the entire trip!)


This morning.

My morning started with burst of emotions. Hubbs was feeling under the weather so I had to drop JH at the school by myself. So usually there’ll be ample parking outside the building where we can conveniently parked and I will up JH to his school. But today, the guard cordoned off 4 numbers of parking for reserve and there weren’t any parking left. No matter how I plead, the guard won’t let me double park even though I said it’s gonna take me just 5 minutes. Don’t know why suddenly I was raging inside and I started to press so hard on the accelerator that the car jerked a little. JH who was seating beside me actually said “be careful mommy’! You drive carefully okay?” When I was about to take a turn to make my way to B4 (a.k.a. Basement 4, another entrance which is a lot further away to his school), I saw on my side mirror that there was an empty parking behind. I tried to reversed in by I was so angry inside that I just couldn’t manoeuvre in with a right angle (as there were many cars behind as well). Raging & furious, I finally give up and decided to just drive to B4 instead. I couldn’t make up why I’m so upset over the little incident or probably my pregnancy hormones are just messing with me. I felt frustrated and sore,that I let this little thing affect how I react and behave, with my child next to me. And just as I was drowning in my own emotions, suddenly JH said: “It’s okay mommy, we can go B4. It’s okay mommy.”

My heart melt instantly and made me feel like I want to have 10 babies! (yes, that’s pregnancy hormone for you.)

Weekends are for…

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Visit to the gynae for baby no. 2
Celebrate JH’s great-granddad 90’s birthday.
Clear off all the foods in the fridge.
Feeding the fish, birds and the monkeys with our overdue bread.
Watch a great movie.
Did huge piles of laudry (wash, dry, fold).
Having a pizza feast and Facetime with my bestie.




Babymoon | Langkawi

On the weekend, hubbs and I went for a short retreat at Langkawi island up north. We spent 3 days chilling out together, exploring the beautiful rain forest, driving around the coastal, have coconut waters and a copious amount of seafood. It was absolutely glorious to be unplugged, away from the city (and our kid) and just simply take-our-time.

Too bad the weather was a little unforgiving due to the equinox phenomena. We tried to stay indoors during the noon when temperature is at its peak, but we made full use of our time to exploring and discovering this gorgeous island!

The unplanned vacation turned up to be pretty great. We stumbled upon places that we never knew existed, met great people across the globe as well as locals, and the whole journey kinda reminds us what made us Malaysians, Malaysia.


My weekend in point form.

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Our life had been so busy this weekend Argh!


  • We sent JH to his ex-nanny while we made our way to the lovely Saujana hotel to celebrate a close friend’s matrimony.
  • Before picking up JH, we stop by Summit to pick up some activity books for as they were having a big super sale.
  • We watched CREED (fairly touching) and had our leftover fried noodles for lunch.
  • JH wakes up from his nap and we went to IOI Mall in Puchong to celebrate his cousin’s birthday.
  • Linger more at the bookstore again and got some books as present for the birthday girl.


  • Woke up, had my toast, cook porridge and sweep the floor.
  • JH Drop by my office to set up some renderings for tomorrow’s presentation
  • Brought JH to the haircut while I got myself the long awaited travel press.
  • Got groceries at Tesco and head home.
  • JH had his nap, we had coffee and watched Home Alone 2 (It’s hilarious)!
  • Hubbs wipe the floor while I did some revision with JH
  • We went to the park and played ball.
  • Made dinner and some reading time with JH.

I’m exhausted, but I feel fulfilling at the same time. It’s weird.


Baby No.2: W25

IMG_20160313_172936I’ve been so busy with life lately that I didn’t really keep track how many weeks I’m in at the moment. So for the past few weeks, whenever someone ask, I just said I’m about 5 months in. Until I attended a friend’s wedding yesterday, when they ask when I’m due and I said June, they give me a look where it says ‘how can you be 5 months when you’re due in 3 months time?!’. So I checked my apps and it says that I’m currently 25 weeks which means I’m now officially 6 months in. It’s true that you’re more relaxed second time around, for me at least, but it doesn’t mean I care less about baby no. 2 (hubby to note 🙂 )

Ohh yes, between, our gynae confirmed that we’ll be having a girl! Though I’m planning to recycle all of JH’s clothes to baby no.2 anyway, we still pray there’s no surprises till the very last day, and that baby no. 2 will be safe and healthy.

Bedtime routine.

Lately, we’ve been on some reading before JH’s bedtime. Reason being we had cut him off TV and da-da’s song singing because he had been behaving badly at school! (ever since he recuperate!). It’s like he has found a whole new power to conquer and relish the world after 2 weeks of pampering and hibernation when we was unwell

So, just right before he goes to bed, we’ll pick out 4-5 books, and each time he needs to include a Peter & Jane book (currently he’s at 2a) and we’d read it through. It’s the only time he’ll sit quietly for 20 minutes (besides screen time) and we get to spend some quality time together, I suppose along the way it help me to unwind after a long and tired day at work. I hope this last as long as it can.

Parenting a sickly child.

IMG_20160227_073309Finally, after 2 long weeks, our battle with a sickly kid is finally over. We had never been more exhausted, drained and mentally strained, trying to juggle between work and taking care of JH while he’s having fluctuating fever, acute vomit and constant diarrhea. It was even more intense when hubbs and I were contracted with the virus as well! All those sleepless nights and trips to the clinics makes me wonder why the heck did I want a second kid??!!

I have to admit thought, that hubbs and I enjoyed the couple of days of QUIETNESS, although it breaks out heart to see that he’s so weak and unlike his usual self. Today, finally that little rascal in him has emerged and our house was again filled with endless chitty-chatter, vehicle sound effects, made-up songs singing, animal noises and the list goes on. Yupe, he’s back for sure, and we’re just relieve that our life are back to normal.