Parenting a sickly child.

IMG_20160227_073309Finally, after 2 long weeks, our battle with a sickly kid is finally over. We had never been more exhausted, drained and mentally strained, trying to juggle between work and taking care of JH while he’s having fluctuating fever, acute vomit and constant diarrhea. It was even more intense when hubbs and I were contracted with the virus as well! All those sleepless nights and trips to the clinics makes me wonder why the heck did I want a second kid??!!

I have to admit thought, that hubbs and I enjoyed the couple of days of QUIETNESS, although it breaks out heart to see that he’s so weak and unlike his usual self. Today, finally that little rascal in him has emerged and our house was again filled with endless chitty-chatter, vehicle sound effects, made-up songs singing, animal noises and the list goes on. Yupe, he’s back for sure, and we’re just relieve that our life are back to normal.


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