Bedtime routine.

Lately, we’ve been on some reading before JH’s bedtime. Reason being we had cut him off TV and da-da’s song singing because he had been behaving badly at school! (ever since he recuperate!). It’s like he has found a whole new power to conquer and relish the world after 2 weeks of pampering and hibernation when we was unwell

So, just right before he goes to bed, we’ll pick out 4-5 books, and each time he needs to include a Peter & Jane book (currently he’s at 2a) and we’d read it through. It’s the only time he’ll sit quietly for 20 minutes (besides screen time) and we get to spend some quality time together, I suppose along the way it help me to unwind after a long and tired day at work. I hope this last as long as it can.


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