Baby No.2: W25

IMG_20160313_172936I’ve been so busy with life lately that I didn’t really keep track how many weeks I’m in at the moment. So for the past few weeks, whenever someone ask, I just said I’m about 5 months in. Until I attended a friend’s wedding yesterday, when they ask when I’m due and I said June, they give me a look where it says ‘how can you be 5 months when you’re due in 3 months time?!’. So I checked my apps and it says that I’m currently 25 weeks which means I’m now officially 6 months in. It’s true that you’re more relaxed second time around, for me at least, but it doesn’t mean I care less about baby no. 2 (hubby to note 🙂 )

Ohh yes, between, our gynae confirmed that we’ll be having a girl! Though I’m planning to recycle all of JH’s clothes to baby no.2 anyway, we still pray there’s no surprises till the very last day, and that baby no. 2 will be safe and healthy.


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