My weekend in point form.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Our life had been so busy this weekend Argh!


  • We sent JH to his ex-nanny while we made our way to the lovely Saujana hotel to celebrate a close friend’s matrimony.
  • Before picking up JH, we stop by Summit to pick up some activity books for as they were having a big super sale.
  • We watched CREED (fairly touching) and had our leftover fried noodles for lunch.
  • JH wakes up from his nap and we went to IOI Mall in Puchong to celebrate his cousin’s birthday.
  • Linger more at the bookstore again and got some books as present for the birthday girl.


  • Woke up, had my toast, cook porridge and sweep the floor.
  • JH Drop by my office to set up some renderings for tomorrow’s presentation
  • Brought JH to the haircut while I got myself the long awaited travel press.
  • Got groceries at Tesco and head home.
  • JH had his nap, we had coffee and watched Home Alone 2 (It’s hilarious)!
  • Hubbs wipe the floor while I did some revision with JH
  • We went to the park and played ball.
  • Made dinner and some reading time with JH.

I’m exhausted, but I feel fulfilling at the same time. It’s weird.



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