This morning.

My morning started with burst of emotions. Hubbs was feeling under the weather so I had to drop JH at the school by myself. So usually there’ll be ample parking outside the building where we can conveniently parked and I will up JH to his school. But today, the guard cordoned off 4 numbers of parking for reserve and there weren’t any parking left. No matter how I plead, the guard won’t let me double park even though I said it’s gonna take me just 5 minutes. Don’t know why suddenly I was raging inside and I started to press so hard on the accelerator that the car jerked a little. JH who was seating beside me actually said “be careful mommy’! You drive carefully okay?” When I was about to take a turn to make my way to B4 (a.k.a. Basement 4, another entrance which is a lot further away to his school), I saw on my side mirror that there was an empty parking behind. I tried to reversed in by I was so angry inside that I just couldn’t manoeuvre in with a right angle (as there were many cars behind as well). Raging & furious, I finally give up and decided to just drive to B4 instead. I couldn’t make up why I’m so upset over the little incident or probably my pregnancy hormones are just messing with me. I felt frustrated and sore,that I let this little thing affect how I react and behave, with my child next to me. And just as I was drowning in my own emotions, suddenly JH said: “It’s okay mommy, we can go B4. It’s okay mommy.”

My heart melt instantly and made me feel like I want to have 10 babies! (yes, that’s pregnancy hormone for you.)


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