Few favourite things – March 2016

IMG_20160329_133344…this new makeup remover, because I’m just into French things lately
IMG_20160313_154119…this French press, because it’s given to me by my bestie and look how gorgeous the blue is!
IMG_20160326_160312…this frying pan, because the hubbs enjoyed cooking for the family and we love spending time cooking together in the kitchen, plus its impeccable quality of course.
IMG_20160322_093343…this travel French press, because I just can’t get enough of it.
IMG_20160326_155948…this phone, because it’s 4 years old now, and it had always been precious to me as hubbs purchase it for me (for the second time) as a gift after JH is born. (So glad to able to find a replacement battery)
IMG_20160326_155750…this map, because it brought us around Langkawi island. (Yes, we totally shut off Waze & Google Map for the entire trip!)



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