Day 3 of HFMD.

  • Had to bring JH to work as I’m really indispensable from office due to a presentation next Monday.
  • JH whines and cries very 5 minutes.
  • I move in between my workstation and the round meeting table behind where I settle JH with his cartoon, constantly moving back and forth to make sure he hydrates himself every 20 minutes.
  • Am relieve when he managed to have a few spoonful of Udon noodles (courtesy from my lovely colleague).
  • I’d constantly sneezed my lungs out while trying to breathe.
  • JH refuses his nap, and I can tell he’s beyond exhuastion. My boss came in and in order to distract him, I guiltifully let him watch more trucks videos on Youtube.
  • At 4pm, hubbs came and fetch him back. I stayed back and work till 7:30pm.

HFMD, it’s one of the worst, I tell you. And ohh, Happy belated birthday to me.


Summary of my weekend.

IMG_20160412_093344My weekend had been so crazy filled with meetings with my co-workers, contractors, carpenters, taking care and tutoring my 3.5 yo while hubbs attend his classes, loads and loads of laundry, cleaning and tidying up the house, making hearty soup and catching up with 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives… all that and still happy to be able to squeeze in 10 minutes of bare foot moment before it started to pour. Life is bliss.

(Another) new home.

Last week we finally got the keys to our new place. Yes, (another). Long story short, the unit that we’ve been staying for the last few months was suppose to be temporary as it was meant to be for our parents, while we move to the new place. Can’t be blessed enough to be able to find another unit in such close vicinity that would enable us to spend time and take care of our folks. So yeah, I’m ecstatic because I’ve been looking forward to  make this (new) home home for our family.

Somehow we’re always scheduled to move whenever I’m close to my EDD. It happen the last time when I was carrying JH. Renovation, shopping for furniture and equipment, moving in, cleaning and packing… it all happen when I was almost 9 months pregnant.

This time round, we’re gonna take our time to curate it to perfection. This would the dream home for the 4 of us. Can’t wait!

My HK experience.


  • Cost of living is skyrocket high, property value are even higher.
  • Super amazed with the Eastern Harbour Tunnel that was built underwater, in 1972!
  • Discover lots of other cool furniture brand such as Bene, Sedus, Hag…
  • Went up 118th floor Ozone Bar at Ritz Carlton. The view was breathtaking, just like what we see in HK movies.
  • Had the most amazing Wonton noodles when we first landed, and had it again just right before we left to catch our flight.
  • People in Hong Kong are really well dressed.
  • Hong Kong is nothing but skyscrapers.
  • Super impress with our partner/associate’s office set up.
  • Love that all the public toilets are super clean and equipped with toilet seat cleaners, extra toilet papers and napkins.

Do I want to live in HK? Definitely no.