Day 3 of HFMD.

  • Had to bring JH to work as I’m really indispensable from office due to a presentation next Monday.
  • JH whines and cries very 5 minutes.
  • I move in between my workstation and the round meeting table behind where I settle JH with his cartoon, constantly moving back and forth to make sure he hydrates himself every 20 minutes.
  • Am relieve when he managed to have a few spoonful of Udon noodles (courtesy from my lovely colleague).
  • I’d constantly sneezed my lungs out while trying to breathe.
  • JH refuses his nap, and I can tell he’s beyond exhuastion. My boss came in and in order to distract him, I guiltifully let him watch more trucks videos on Youtube.
  • At 4pm, hubbs came and fetch him back. I stayed back and work till 7:30pm.

HFMD, it’s one of the worst, I tell you. And ohh, Happy belated birthday to me.


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