Baby No. 2: W37

5183afbc-8abb-4494-a0f7-bdbb000190c4Today, I’m officially 37 weeks into my pregnancy. Needless to say, I’m feeling all the back ache, the difficulty to get up from bed/couch/car, leg cramps and man the exhaustion is real! One of the fun side of it is that I’ve learned to pick up stuff with my toes, and guess what my 3 yo is doing the same thing. He’ll purposely drop his stuff on the floor and tried to pick it up with his toes. It’s hilarious.

But other than that, we’ve pretty much settling in the new place. Crib had been set up, newborn clothes had keep washed and tuck in the baby room, hospital bag is packed and tomorrow our folks will be moving in. All I wish for is baby no.2 grows healthily in my belly and there’ll be no complication when she arrives.

Another thing that’s been bugging me are the thoughts of how baby no. 2 will affect JH. We’ve been telling him that there’s baby in mommy’s tummy, and though he acknowledge that, giving hugs and kisses to the belly, including the baby in his night time prayer, I know things will change as soon as baby no. 2 is out. While we’re struggling with his growing confidence and behaviors, I really hope that that he can slowly ease into the role of being a big brother.



This morning, I pulled myself out from the bed as the clock shows 7:40pm. Heavy headed, painful throat (was suffering from a bad cough), I got up and made breakfast for hubs & my 3.5 yo. I finally got myself and JH ready at 8:50am, while waiting for hubs to get ready, I’d thought I’d do some reading with JH. He was whiny, wonky and just wasn’t able to focus. I finally decide to pry away his toys on his hand and asked him to focus on finishing the page. He got upset and started to yank around the sofa, and of course during that he accidentally hit the BCG scar on my left arm and I felt a sharp pain bursting through my whole body. It got me teared and hubs came out to mend the situation. I’m not sure whether it’s the pain or it’s the gloom that’s been growing over my head lately that I just can’t stop tearing.

I had been feeling a bit wobbly lately, with my due date creeping in, I’m growing bigger by the day and I find myself keep knocking onto things, desperately grasping for a breather when I’m doing something for a long time. And worse of all, sometimes when baby no.2 moves, I just feel a surge of anxiety and panic and tightness in my chest.

I just need some distraction, probably a date night, a walk in the park, a cuppa in the café, away from everything else, just to remind myself that life is still pretty amazing.

Why I love (this) Friday.


Someone was so ecstatic to visit the Fire Station yesterday!

…because it has been a crazy week for me at work, driving back and forth project site and the office.

…because it’s time to prepare the nursery and pack the hospital bag. (Just in case)

…because it’s been almost a week since we moved in and we love every minute of it, except for a few M&E hiccups.

…because I hope to sneak in a date night with the hubbs.

…because JH had since sleeping in his big boy bed and he’s been a trooper thus far! FYI he’s been my alarm clock lately, appearing at my bedside and said ‘wakie wakie mommy.’ Annoying but cute.

New Pad.

IMG_20160515_082459 (1)Last Saturday, we moved in to our new place! Still can’t believe it. It’s been an intense, exhausting few weeks, but it’s all worth it. This is by far the nicest place I’ve ever lived in. There’re plenty of sunlight, white walls & wooden floor boards, paired with music and lots of happiness buzz.

There’s still much to unpack and curate, but we’re gonna take our time. This will be our pad for awhile and the hermit in myself can’t wait to hibernate!


May’s Schedule.


  • Hubbs recuperating from HFMD
  • Coordinating renovation of our new condo.
  • My company trip to Bangkok.
  • Scheduling movers and cleaners for moving.
  • Making a list before baby no. 2 arrives.
  • Work trip to Hong Kong.
  • Gynae visits every fortnightly.
  • Furniture and fixtures shopping.
  • Small and big packing.
  • Full time job as an interior designer.
  • Growing a baby.

BABY NO.2: W33

Can’t believe my last update was 7 weeks ago. I had been travelling heavily for the projects that I’ve been working on and it’s been really exhausting, especially when HFMD attacked us in between trips. It’s been really really exhausting and I’m so glad it’s over and I’m reunited with my family again.

At 33 weeks, I would describe baby no. 2’s movement as ‘ferocious’, especially during the night before I go to sleep. I can feel her turning, twisting and basically doing a mini gymnast inside my belly that sometimes I gorged in pain. She’s gonna be a little feisty one I tell you. Other than that, my belly is pretty huge now that I’m starting to find it difficult to wear my underwear and pants. Also, I had started invading hubbs wardrobe and as most of my clothes won’t fit me anymore.

Here’s a sneak peak of our little lady, snugly tucked inside my belly.

Bangkok Trip

Last Labour day weekend, I spend it with my colleagues in Bangkok. It was our annual company trip and it was pretty fun exploring the district of ThongLo, ChitLom, and Bangkok Central. I’m very impress with the Thai’s rich culture, and how they are so advance in terms of design and technology. The country is so self sustain with their burgeoning consumerism. It was an eye opening experience (the last time I was in Bangkok was more than 10 years ago!)

We spend 5D4N there and I miss home like crazy! If there’s something that I miss greatly about Malaysia, it would be the weather and the traffic. No kidding! The humidity and the traffic and the crowd in Bangkok is really unbearable.

Below are some of the highlights of the trip.

Us at Thong Lo BTU station

Us at Thong Lo BTU station


Emprive Club Cinema – One of the most posh I’ve seen.


The Commons – Definitely one of the trending and hip place that is a must visit if you’re into food, music and design.


When in Bangkok, do tuk tuk.


Our first meal when we landed… at a Jap restaurant


The thing I miss most about Bangkok – fresh cheap tropical fruits!