BABY NO.2: W33

Can’t believe my last update was 7 weeks ago. I had been travelling heavily for the projects that I’ve been working on and it’s been really exhausting, especially when HFMD attacked us in between trips. It’s been really really exhausting and I’m so glad it’s over and I’m reunited with my family again.

At 33 weeks, I would describe baby no. 2’s movement as ‘ferocious’, especially during the night before I go to sleep. I can feel her turning, twisting and basically doing a mini gymnast inside my belly that sometimes I gorged in pain. She’s gonna be a little feisty one I tell you. Other than that, my belly is pretty huge now that I’m starting to find it difficult to wear my underwear and pants. Also, I had started invading hubbs wardrobe and as most of my clothes won’t fit me anymore.

Here’s a sneak peak of our little lady, snugly tucked inside my belly.


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