Bangkok Trip

Last Labour day weekend, I spend it with my colleagues in Bangkok. It was our annual company trip and it was pretty fun exploring the district of ThongLo, ChitLom, and Bangkok Central. I’m very impress with the Thai’s rich culture, and how they are so advance in terms of design and technology. The country is so self sustain with their burgeoning consumerism. It was an eye opening experience (the last time I was in Bangkok was more than 10 years ago!)

We spend 5D4N there and I miss home like crazy! If there’s something that I miss greatly about Malaysia, it would be the weather and the traffic. No kidding! The humidity and the traffic and the crowd in Bangkok is really unbearable.

Below are some of the highlights of the trip.

Us at Thong Lo BTU station

Us at Thong Lo BTU station


Emprive Club Cinema – One of the most posh I’ve seen.


The Commons – Definitely one of the trending and hip place that is a must visit if you’re into food, music and design.


When in Bangkok, do tuk tuk.


Our first meal when we landed… at a Jap restaurant


The thing I miss most about Bangkok – fresh cheap tropical fruits!


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