This morning, I pulled myself out from the bed as the clock shows 7:40pm. Heavy headed, painful throat (was suffering from a bad cough), I got up and made breakfast for hubs & my 3.5 yo. I finally got myself and JH ready at 8:50am, while waiting for hubs to get ready, I’d thought I’d do some reading with JH. He was whiny, wonky and just wasn’t able to focus. I finally decide to pry away his toys on his hand and asked him to focus on finishing the page. He got upset and started to yank around the sofa, and of course during that he accidentally hit the BCG scar on my left arm and I felt a sharp pain bursting through my whole body. It got me teared and hubs came out to mend the situation. I’m not sure whether it’s the pain or it’s the gloom that’s been growing over my head lately that I just can’t stop tearing.

I had been feeling a bit wobbly lately, with my due date creeping in, I’m growing bigger by the day and I find myself keep knocking onto things, desperately grasping for a breather when I’m doing something for a long time. And worse of all, sometimes when baby no.2 moves, I just feel a surge of anxiety and panic and tightness in my chest.

I just need some distraction, probably a date night, a walk in the park, a cuppa in the café, away from everything else, just to remind myself that life is still pretty amazing.


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