Baby No. 2: W37

5183afbc-8abb-4494-a0f7-bdbb000190c4Today, I’m officially 37 weeks into my pregnancy. Needless to say, I’m feeling all the back ache, the difficulty to get up from bed/couch/car, leg cramps and man the exhaustion is real! One of the fun side of it is that I’ve learned to pick up stuff with my toes, and guess what my 3 yo is doing the same thing. He’ll purposely drop his stuff on the floor and tried to pick it up with his toes. It’s hilarious.

But other than that, we’ve pretty much settling in the new place. Crib had been set up, newborn clothes had keep washed and tuck in the baby room, hospital bag is packed and tomorrow our folks will be moving in. All I wish for is baby no.2 grows healthily in my belly and there’ll be no complication when she arrives.

Another thing that’s been bugging me are the thoughts of how baby no. 2 will affect JH. We’ve been telling him that there’s baby in mommy’s tummy, and though he acknowledge that, giving hugs and kisses to the belly, including the baby in his night time prayer, I know things will change as soon as baby no. 2 is out. While we’re struggling with his growing confidence and behaviors, I really hope that that he can slowly ease into the role of being a big brother.



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