Living with less.


Simplicity, no-frills approach is what I crave for these days. Muji’s Water Resistance Cotton Tote in navy.

We’ve recently moved to our new home and along the way we’ve since started to declutter our space as we thrive towards minimalist lifestyle. As we prepare for baby no.2’s arrival, I’m starting to organise the kids closets & storage, donating the extra hand-me-downs and toys to family and friends. It’s strange, but I get more excited when I start getting rid of things rather then buying things.

I’m so blessed that hubbs and I share the same mindset when it comes to the idea of having smaller closet, lesser storage and frugal material possession. Together, we’ve grown and learned to make wise decision through ‘buying less by buying better’. Amongst our top to go retailers are: IKEA, MUJI, UNIQLO. These platforms provide us with basic, classic versatile pieces when it to furniture, homewares and garments. And indeed, our happiness blossom bit by bit once we got rid of the unnecessary stuff, and the stressors that comes with it.

I’ll always remember Graham Hill‘s quote: “My space is small. My life is big.”









2 thoughts on “Living with less.

  1. I’m with you there! I’d love to de clutter even more but I have the issue with things others buy for my daughter and my husband being against us donating or re-homing. I wish there was a way to let people know politely that our daughter does not need a tigger teddy that is bigger than her! 😳


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