Baby No. 2 – W38

Finally, JH & myself are slowly recuperating from this viral bug. Seriously, it’s about time! 38 weeks in, I feel so heavy, clumsy and every little movement seems like it’s taking a phenomenal amount of effort. It’s not helping when I have to wake up midnight consecutively to monitor JH’s temperature. I could really use a breather the 2 weeks before baby no. 2 arrives.

Baby no. 2 has been active, so active that she’s keeping me awake at night. Every time she moves, I feel like a balloon is being stretched to its limit. And my back, it hurts! Despite everything, I know nothing will compare to the actual labour. Yikes!

Strangely I’m looking forward to my confinement period after birth, drinking red dates boiled water and all the yummy food with lots of ginger & sesame oil. I’m not a big fan nor I believe in the logic behind it, but I’ll try to follow it as much as I can (for those things that makes sense), since it’s tradition.



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