To-do List.


It will be 2.5 weeks more before I go back to work. Yet, there’s still tonnes of list to cross out on my to-do list.

  1. Research on schooling stuff for JH. Since my in-laws won’t be around when he starts school, I need to make sure the school that he went to will be conveniently located to nearby after-school care as well as transportation. Can’t imagine my ‘setengah-masak’ kid going to primary one. He’s gonna drive me bonkers.
  2. Seriously need to catch up on my reading. For the past 6 weeks, I didn’t manage to finish a single book. If I don’t read it now, when??
  3. Spring clean my hard discs space and documents all the physical memorabilia.
  4. Utility stuff, bank stuff, account stuff that needs upgrading, updating & filing.
  5. Familiarize myself with our new project location. Our current project construction will be kick-starting soon so I need to start prepare myself before going back to work.
  6. Strategies our monthly expenditure and commitment. Although we’ve always been very careful with our money, can’t deny the fact that we have 2 kids now, bought houses and taking care of our parents. Things seems to be pretty tight right now but I know it’s for the best.

On the bright side, I’ve been doing lots of house-keeping so our pad is looking pretty cozy right now… yest still a long way to achieve hubb’s goal.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Few Favourite Things – July 2016

This new mobile phone… because when I ask him why he’d buy me a new phone, he said it’s tradition for my birth gift (he bought me this phone when I gave birth to JH).

This portable speakers… because we’d been dying to replace the bulky and faulty one for the longest time, we finally stumble upon this stunning, compact and so retro-looking that comes with an array of connectivity options. Plus, the cherry oak wood texture matches with our floorboards!

This breast pump that hubbs and I went hunting around… because I’m determine to try harder this time.

This adorable gift with an adorable gift box… because it’s from my ex-boss. I’m beyond touched.

…And of course… this little bud that I’m falling in love with, more and more each day!


Baby No. 2: Happy One Month Old!

Time flies when you’re smudge amidst that newborn baby bliss as well as the sleepless nights. We’re still wandering around this 2 kid thing and it really is hard work! I wonder how those 3 0r 4 kids mom does it? They have my absolute respect! Don’t get me wrong, the newborn part does seems easier, however the juggling between providing attention to both kids is something we still need to get the hang of it. Ju-Hann is bonding (slowly & subtly) with his little sis and its nice to see our family complete as a whole.

Here’s to wishing my little bud happy one month old! She’s still tiny but she is loud (when it’s feeding time!) and she makes this little cooing sound like a baby seal. I look forward to watch her grow up healthily, happily and discover how she’ll be different from his big brother.

It’s been the best and bright one month, can’t wait for the months to come. I know we’ll fumble and tumble along (especially when I go back to work), but will try to have as much fun as we can along the way.
Love you to the moon & back baby Junna!

Baby no. 2: The first month

Besides lacking of sleep, things had been perfectly smooth. Baby Junna will be one month old in 5 days time and she had been an angel. This time round, we didn’t hire a confinement lady, so it was just myself and my dear mother-in-law which help me out (a whole lot); and surprisingly it was manageable and I was a lot less stressful. Although I wouldn’t lie, occasionally I would struggle with baby blues, probably due to my extreme hormones as well as exhaustion to provide attention to both Ju-Hann and Junna, but I would quickly snap myself back to reality, to remind myself how lucky I am to have her. She is perfect and I couldn’t have ask for more.

Am still adjusting my life as a mom of two kids. It hurts me sometimes when JH said: ‘mommy, put down baby now (when I was nursing)’, when all he wanted was for me to read to him or just to play Lego with him. I’m still learning and adjusting, hopefully the coming months would be easier.

So the first whole month it was all about nursing, feeding, diaper changing, sterilizing bottles and pumping. I’ can’t wait to get out soon and re-unite with the beautiful world outside!


Baby No. 2: Cloth Diapers

img_20161026_165919I started using cloth diaper for JH when he was taken care by his babysitter back then. When he started to crawl, we started to use these so that his cloth diaper wouldn’t fall off easily. I chose to use cloth diaper mainly for its gentler environmental footprint. Though it requires an extra step in terms of washing and drying, in the long run it saves tonnes of money. I think I bought a total of 4 dozens during JH’s time and added another dozen before Junna is born. I love the fact that it launders & dries easily, get softer as it wear and last forever.

I uses these cloth diapers as:

  • Blanket/Pillow
  • Burp cloths; wiping spit ups
  • Lining in a bassinet/car seats/strollers
  • A fold up under my elbow for comfort during nursing and feeding.

Also highly recommends must-haves are cotton muslin for swaddling. Though we only swaddle Junna for the first few weeks (she still uses it sometimes during nap time), it also comes in handy for blocking sun, extra wrapping when the wind and rain comes when she’s outdoor.