Baby No. 2: Cloth Diapers

img_20161026_165919I started using cloth diaper for JH when he was taken care by his babysitter back then. When he started to crawl, we started to use these so that his cloth diaper wouldn’t fall off easily. I chose to use cloth diaper mainly for its gentler environmental footprint. Though it requires an extra step in terms of washing and drying, in the long run it saves tonnes of money. I think I bought a total of 4 dozens during JH’s time and added another dozen before Junna is born. I love the fact that it launders & dries easily, get softer as it wear and last forever.

I uses these cloth diapers as:

  • Blanket/Pillow
  • Burp cloths; wiping spit ups
  • Lining in a bassinet/car seats/strollers
  • A fold up under my elbow for comfort during nursing and feeding.

Also highly recommends must-haves are cotton muslin for swaddling. Though we only swaddle Junna for the first few weeks (she still uses it sometimes during nap time), it also comes in handy for blocking sun, extra wrapping when the wind and rain comes when she’s outdoor.










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