Baby no. 2: The first month

Besides lacking of sleep, things had been perfectly smooth. Baby Junna will be one month old in 5 days time and she had been an angel. This time round, we didn’t hire a confinement lady, so it was just myself and my dear mother-in-law which help me out (a whole lot); and surprisingly it was manageable and I was a lot less stressful. Although I wouldn’t lie, occasionally I would struggle with baby blues, probably due to my extreme hormones as well as exhaustion to provide attention to both Ju-Hann and Junna, but I would quickly snap myself back to reality, to remind myself how lucky I am to have her. She is perfect and I couldn’t have ask for more.

Am still adjusting my life as a mom of two kids. It hurts me sometimes when JH said: ‘mommy, put down baby now (when I was nursing)’, when all he wanted was for me to read to him or just to play Lego with him. I’m still learning and adjusting, hopefully the coming months would be easier.

So the first whole month it was all about nursing, feeding, diaper changing, sterilizing bottles and pumping. I’ can’t wait to get out soon and re-unite with the beautiful world outside!



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