Baby No. 2: Happy One Month Old!

Time flies when you’re smudge amidst that newborn baby bliss as well as the sleepless nights. We’re still wandering around this 2 kid thing and it really is hard work! I wonder how those 3 0r 4 kids mom does it? They have my absolute respect! Don’t get me wrong, the newborn part does seems easier, however the juggling between providing attention to both kids is something we still need to get the hang of it. Ju-Hann is bonding (slowly & subtly) with his little sis and its nice to see our family complete as a whole.

Here’s to wishing my little bud happy one month old! She’s still tiny but she is loud (when it’s feeding time!) and she makes this little cooing sound like a baby seal. I look forward to watch her grow up healthily, happily and discover how she’ll be different from his big brother.

It’s been the best and bright one month, can’t wait for the months to come. I know we’ll fumble and tumble along (especially when I go back to work), but will try to have as much fun as we can along the way.
Love you to the moon & back baby Junna!

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