Revelation in the Park.

IMG_20160829_162613.jpgThe last time we came here, I was still a parent of 1 (with Junna inside my belly). I miss the grassy smell, the flopping fish at the pond, the noise of the children, the glaring but glorious sunshine, the ever-so-fierce looking monkey, I miss everything about it. Hubbs and Junna went for walk while I just accompany JH at the playground. He was so happy! He went up and down the slide, run around the play gym, bouncing, climbing, skipping…. He was so engross in all the playing that just occasionally he will look around searching for me (just to make sure I’m still there).

As I seated there, watching him soak in total bliss, I ponder, and I realized that sometimes I just forgot that he’s still just a little boy; who loves to play, who loves candy, chocolate and crackers and flavoured juice. 3 going 4, he loves his trucks to bits, he likes to play with his Lego over and over again. And I ask myself, what’s wrong with that? Do I want to stripped away the purity and innocence in him just because he’s a little behind his writing? While he’s growing and developing, there bound to be changes in behavior, attitude and personality; And I sometimes just forgot to see that. I want the best in the world for him, but would the best make him happy in the end?

And thus I’d decided to take a step back, and make a change in our parenting approach. I want to worry less about bad grades, instead make sure that he’s always interested and curious to learn. Instead of harping on his weakness, perhaps it’s time for me to focus on his strength. Hopefully with motivation, inspiration and good values we are able to mould and steer him to be better.


Sleep Training??

IMG_20160807_084519I can’t remember the exact date, but roughly around 1.5 month, baby Junna started to wean off her midnight feed, on her own!!

The longest record was sometime between 8:45pm all the way to 8am in the morning. I try waking her up to feed but she’ll just sleep on me. These days, her last feed will be sometime around 1opm-11pm, and the next would be around 5-8am.

I ask her peds the other day and she assures me that it’s perfectly fine, though it rarely happen at this age.

My little sleeping beauty, just like her momma. 🙂

Productive Weekend

IMG_20160813_141352We did the following:

  • Watch various live Olympic games
  • Went swimming
  • Had home-cooked dinners
  • Went to look for serenity on Sunday morning
  • Homework session with JH (which did not incur much drama, thank God)
  • Sorted alternate parking issues
  • Run barefoot on the grass (& a little bicycle ride)
  • Spent time with Pea.

This little socks brightened up my day. I miss her so much, stay warm sis. Love you.

Parenting a 4 year old.

Lately I feel myself constantly struggling whether hubbs and I are doing the right thing bringing up JH. We’d always say that we will not be the kind of parents who stuffed our kids life with tonnes of extra curricular activities and extra tuition. However, lately, I find him having more and more screen time and when we try to limit it, he will throw a tantrum. He wouldn’t do his homework and he just want to play his Lego all day long.

Already being a late bloomer, he’s behind his peers and had not been able to take instructions well at school. He has short attention span, naughty and constantly comes home with bite marks and scratches! It voice to our fault really. We had not been doing enough, we’d been slacking and we’ve taken the easy way out. I find myself constantly allow him to watch TV whenever Junna needs my attention and keep utilising my virtual nanny (Ipad) just to have a decent conversation with friends over a meal or conversation. I just feel so horrible!

I need to push ourselves to get him outdoor more and pick up a skills or two whether it’s sport, arts or music. I feel that he had so much potential to grow, develop and flourish given the right lessons/environment/exposure.

Just when you thought you can have some relief when they pass their toddler years, you’re slapped with another whirlwind of parenting. I can’t imagine the fiasco when he starts schools in 2 years time.

Just received a text from school teacher for parent-teacher meeting. Sigh, our worst fear has come (that soon!)….

(Crappy) Sunday.

Last Sunday was one of the day I realized that my kid (if not pushed/forced/nagged/scold) will not do his homework (yes, they have homework even at this age). He will be 4 in October and we’ve noticed he is experiencing some behavioral change lately. I’m not sure if its the new baby, peers influence or us not spending enough time with him; he’d been very naughty, rude and does not take instructions at all!

I keep hearing myself repeating things over and over again:

JH, come drink your water
JH, please go pee pee before we leave
JH, time for nap
JH, quickly finish your lunch/dinner/breakfast
JH, no toys on the dining table
JH, wear your pants on your own

I feel a part of me died little by little when trying to get him to write his numbers. He twitch, whine, sigh, make funny faces, cry with every single stroke as he write. Seriously this kid can’t focus even for just 5 seconds!

And then there’s me facing emotional struggle of going back to work next week, my mind was all about packing my work bag, lunch bag, breast pump bag while catching up on all the latest work emails, while worrying how my body will cope with the routine of going back to work. Hubbs had also been facing some work stress and therefore all of us weren’t in the right frame of mind.

It was such a shitty day… and then I look through my phone, I saw this and I smile.


We’ll be okay, I told myself.

Life with 2 kids

… is simply exhausting! I’m struggling between coaching JH with his school work/bringing him to the playground/reading with him /explore the nature (basically spending time with him) while attending to baby Junna. I envy those parents who would be so strict about not giving their child any screen time (i.e. phone, Ipad, TV & even the computer). I feel guilty every time I utilize my ‘virtual nanny’ just so I can have a decent meal or conversation with friends.

I know I can do it if I want to… but for now I just don’t have the strength to devote my full attention to him. I guess the juggle is real.

Minimalist – Diaper Bag (for a newborn & a 4 yo)

IMG_20160825_131330.jpgFor the first two years of JH’s life, we’d been using a boxy diaper bag from simple dimple. After that it had been shoved inside the closet until recently when we took Junna out for her first outing. I find out it’s been rather bulky and a little inconvenient to retrieve things when we’re on the go. Therefore, I’d decided to change it while custom suite it to both of my kids – a newborn and a going-to-be 4 preschooler (while keeping it simplified).

img_20160825_131101The bag itself was a gift during Junna’s Fullmoon. It’s spacious, waterproof and has a just the right amount of pocket space. I have strip the content itself to bare minimum, keeping all items useful, small and portable, while accommodating the essentials for JN, JH and myself.

For Junna:

  • Disposable diapers, Nappy Liners, Wet wipes, Milk dispenser, milk bottle and a hot flask, Changing pad (*I’ve forgot to include her pacifier, which she desperately needs when she’s going to sleep)

For ‘Just-in-case’s’ extras

  • Onesie, Mittens, Cloth napkins, Muslin cloths, Pacifier, Sanitizer, Tissues, Hankies (washcloth), Disposable plastic bags (for dirty diapers)

For Ju-Hann’s

  • A (small) toy car, sketch book, activity books with some stationary, Mosquito repellent spray

For myself

Just my purse, phone, house & car keys,  which I tucked at the side so that I wouldn’t fumble looking for it.

IMG_20160825_131224.jpgI’ve packed & organised the contents into pouches and zipped lock bags so that 1) It wouldn’t get dirty if unused; 2) makes its easier to retrieve thing rather than having everything floating around; 3) to removed the stuff conveniently if I’m going out with just 1 kid.

For me and for now, I find with fewer things make the outing more manageable & comfortable… After all, we just want to cut down unnecessary stress when going out with 2 kids!