Minimalist – Diaper Bag (for a newborn & a 4 yo)

IMG_20160825_131330.jpgFor the first two years of JH’s life, we’d been using a boxy diaper bag from simple dimple. After that it had been shoved inside the closet until recently when we took Junna out for her first outing. I find out it’s been rather bulky and a little inconvenient to retrieve things when we’re on the go. Therefore, I’d decided to change it while custom suite it to both of my kids – a newborn and a going-to-be 4 preschooler (while keeping it simplified).

img_20160825_131101The bag itself was a gift during Junna’s Fullmoon. It’s spacious, waterproof and has a just the right amount of pocket space. I have strip the content itself to bare minimum, keeping all items useful, small and portable, while accommodating the essentials for JN, JH and myself.

For Junna:

  • Disposable diapers, Nappy Liners, Wet wipes, Milk dispenser, milk bottle and a hot flask, Changing pad (*I’ve forgot to include her pacifier, which she desperately needs when she’s going to sleep)

For ‘Just-in-case’s’ extras

  • Onesie, Mittens, Cloth napkins, Muslin cloths, Pacifier, Sanitizer, Tissues, Hankies (washcloth), Disposable plastic bags (for dirty diapers)

For Ju-Hann’s

  • A (small) toy car, sketch book, activity books with some stationary, Mosquito repellent spray

For myself

Just my purse, phone, house & car keys,  which I tucked at the side so that I wouldn’t fumble looking for it.

IMG_20160825_131224.jpgI’ve packed & organised the contents into pouches and zipped lock bags so that 1) It wouldn’t get dirty if unused; 2) makes its easier to retrieve thing rather than having everything floating around; 3) to removed the stuff conveniently if I’m going out with just 1 kid.

For me and for now, I find with fewer things make the outing more manageable & comfortable… After all, we just want to cut down unnecessary stress when going out with 2 kids!


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