(Crappy) Sunday.

Last Sunday was one of the day I realized that my kid (if not pushed/forced/nagged/scold) will not do his homework (yes, they have homework even at this age). He will be 4 in October and we’ve noticed he is experiencing some behavioral change lately. I’m not sure if its the new baby, peers influence or us not spending enough time with him; he’d been very naughty, rude and does not take instructions at all!

I keep hearing myself repeating things over and over again:

JH, come drink your water
JH, please go pee pee before we leave
JH, time for nap
JH, quickly finish your lunch/dinner/breakfast
JH, no toys on the dining table
JH, wear your pants on your own

I feel a part of me died little by little when trying to get him to write his numbers. He twitch, whine, sigh, make funny faces, cry with every single stroke as he write. Seriously this kid can’t focus even for just 5 seconds!

And then there’s me facing emotional struggle of going back to work next week, my mind was all about packing my work bag, lunch bag, breast pump bag while catching up on all the latest work emails, while worrying how my body will cope with the routine of going back to work. Hubbs had also been facing some work stress and therefore all of us weren’t in the right frame of mind.

It was such a shitty day… and then I look through my phone, I saw this and I smile.


We’ll be okay, I told myself.


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