Parenting a 4 year old.

Lately I feel myself constantly struggling whether hubbs and I are doing the right thing bringing up JH. We’d always say that we will not be the kind of parents who stuffed our kids life with tonnes of extra curricular activities and extra tuition. However, lately, I find him having more and more screen time and when we try to limit it, he will throw a tantrum. He wouldn’t do his homework and he just want to play his Lego all day long.

Already being a late bloomer, he’s behind his peers and had not been able to take instructions well at school. He has short attention span, naughty and constantly comes home with bite marks and scratches! It voice to our fault really. We had not been doing enough, we’d been slacking and we’ve taken the easy way out. I find myself constantly allow him to watch TV whenever Junna needs my attention and keep utilising my virtual nanny (Ipad) just to have a decent conversation with friends over a meal or conversation. I just feel so horrible!

I need to push ourselves to get him outdoor more and pick up a skills or two whether it’s sport, arts or music. I feel that he had so much potential to grow, develop and flourish given the right lessons/environment/exposure.

Just when you thought you can have some relief when they pass their toddler years, you’re slapped with another whirlwind of parenting. I can’t imagine the fiasco when he starts schools in 2 years time.

Just received a text from school teacher for parent-teacher meeting. Sigh, our worst fear has come (that soon!)….


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