Revelation in the Park.

IMG_20160829_162613.jpgThe last time we came here, I was still a parent of 1 (with Junna inside my belly). I miss the grassy smell, the flopping fish at the pond, the noise of the children, the glaring but glorious sunshine, the ever-so-fierce looking monkey, I miss everything about it. Hubbs and Junna went for walk while I just accompany JH at the playground. He was so happy! He went up and down the slide, run around the play gym, bouncing, climbing, skipping…. He was so engross in all the playing that just occasionally he will look around searching for me (just to make sure I’m still there).

As I seated there, watching him soak in total bliss, I ponder, and I realized that sometimes I just forgot that he’s still just a little boy; who loves to play, who loves candy, chocolate and crackers and flavoured juice. 3 going 4, he loves his trucks to bits, he likes to play with his Lego over and over again. And I ask myself, what’s wrong with that? Do I want to stripped away the purity and innocence in him just because he’s a little behind his writing? While he’s growing and developing, there bound to be changes in behavior, attitude and personality; And I sometimes just forgot to see that. I want the best in the world for him, but would the best make him happy in the end?

And thus I’d decided to take a step back, and make a change in our parenting approach. I want to worry less about bad grades, instead make sure that he’s always interested and curious to learn. Instead of harping on his weakness, perhaps it’s time for me to focus on his strength. Hopefully with motivation, inspiration and good values we are able to mould and steer him to be better.


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