A day as a working mom of two.

7 am – wake up, shower and get dress.
7:15am -prepare breakfast, pack breast pump bag, pack JH’s school bag, pack baby’s bag to mom-in-law’s.
7:45am –  wake JH up, make him a bottle of milk. Wake hubbie up. Put on my make up
8am – Get JH to change into uniform, clean face, brush his teeth.
8:15am – Wake up Junna, drop her off at mom-in-law’s
8:25am – Send JH to school en-route to work.
8:50am – Reach office. Have breakfast, browse through FB, articles and blogs.
9:30am – Work (I try to pump at least twice a day).
6:15pm – Leave work to fetch JH.
6:45pm – Drop by the playground for JH to sweat it out abit.
7pm – Arrive mil’s place, have dinner, shower myself and JH, cuddling with Junna, activity work with JH.
9:25pm – Leave mil’s to go back to our place.
9:30 pm – Get JH to bed (brush teeth, diaper) while I will be carrying Junna to sleep.
9:45pm – JH’s bed time. Around the same time Junna will have her last feed of the day.
10:15pm – Put Junna to sleep.
10:30pm – Laundry, pack up tomorrow’s lunch, sterilize the bottles, pump, boils the water, take out the trash.
11:30pm – Zzzzzz

This is just a typical rendition of the day where everything went smoothly, according to plan and schedule. Most of the time, life with a baby and a 4 year old is always chaotic and topsy-turvy. Sometimes, I slept pass 12am and sometimes I woke up realised that its close to 8am! When you have kids, your life is never in your hands, really. 😛


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