Too cute to be angry.

img_20161007_174309We went to pick up JH’s first pair of glasses immediately after we came back from HK. As much as we’re pretty bum about him needing to wear his glasses so young, he’d receive so much compliments on FB from friends & family! Hubbs said that ‘its as if God made his face to wear glasses’. I literally LOL. Haha.

So the other day after school, he somewhat was particularly whiny + moody, so I got angry and gave him a earful. But during the whole time, as I was scolding him, I can felt my heart melts into a mush of love. Why? Because he’s so darn cute with that pair of glasses!!! Especially when his tears start to stream and stayed at the rim of the glasses.

Seriously I have trouble holding myself from hugging & cuddling him, but of course I kept a straight face. Of course he apologies and I sent him to bed. An hour later, I crept into him room and give him a goodnight kiss on the forehead.

Better not let him see this, if not he’ll hold my emotion for ransom. Hah!






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