Feeling Glump.


I have been feeling a little glump.

Usually I’m very positive and I can snap back into my happy, motivated mood pretty quickly. However, lately I just felt so drained. Every morning I wake up feeling exhausted. I leave work feeling tired and sore. I can’t wait to put my children to sleep so I can have some time of my own, but then there’re clothes to be folded, dishes to be washed, mess to be cleared. I have not spoken to my spouse for a long time (mainly because he works late too).

I want to take a day off but things are crazy in the office as my colleague is on long leave. I want to stay fit and healthy but I just can’t seem to find time. The worst thing is, I know everyone feels the same, it’s not like anyone in the family do less. We all have responsibility, we all have our wants and needs, and it’s not just me.

I need something, visually or experiential to convince myself that my problems aren’t problems if I look at the bigger scale of things; and to remind myself that life is good, that things could be worse.

Image by Anike Shahane 


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