LIFE’S accessories.

Couple of days ago, we met up with an Australian lady who came to our office for interview. First glance, she looks really poised and elegant. As you look further, you can tell that she spend a lot of time putting together the whole appearance. Don’t get me wrong, she looks really pretty with her sense of clothes and her choice of accessories; and it just struck me: I’ve never spend more than 15 minutes to pick my outfit, do my make up, put myself together (before I dash out the door). So last night, I narrate this to the hubs (while carrying Junna to sleep), because I want to know, after 7 years of marriage, whether he would mind a wife who have Muji-palette clothing (mostly), a wife that does not adorn herself with accessories nor make her hair. Then he replied that he had known all of these before we tie the knot and that he doesn’t mind at all; And he said something that touches my heart: You don’t need all those accessories, you already have the biggest accessory one can have (pointing at the tiny little human that I’m carrying).

I gasped. At that moment, I know that I didn’t marry a person who tells me how pretty I am, I married someone who makes me feel beautiful and reminds me how blessed I am to be me.


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