Gym Joke.

Need to note this down before I forget.

Last Saturday, hubbs and I decided to do a quick workout at the gym since we missed a few walks in the park ever since the rainy season start. So, we decided to drop baby Junna at mom-in-law’s and bring along JH. This was his first time going to the gym and he did a little exercise with us including some stretching and dumbbell workout, later  hubbs and I take turns to go on the treadmill.

It was all fun for that quick 40 minutes session and I wish I had taken my phone along to snap a picture. As we go up the lift, he said: “Dada & mommy, I like to go to the gym with you, I want to go again, because you’re a wee-ner. Dada you’re a wee-ner (with lots of chuckles).” Hubbs and I burst into laughter although we know he meant ‘winner’ but it sounded more like ‘wiener’. (No pun intended). Haha (if you get the joke).


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