Christmas 2016.

This year, we spent our Christmas recovering: from sickness, work, sleep deprivation and more. Baby Junna (& hubbs, later on myself) had gotten sick since we came back from our Penang trip, she never really recover from the fever, and it has since dragged on to severe cough and flu. It has been so painful juggling our full time work schedule while running back and forth to the clinic, staying awake tending to a sick baby (and attention-deprived 4 yr old). There were no Christmas music, no decoration, no fairy lights, no Christmas movie as we were dead tired most of the time.

But thank God, Christmas came and baby Junna show signs of recovery and all is right with the world again. We had a lovely home-cooked Christmas eve dinner (with desserts and everything), spend time with cousins, wrap a pressie for JH and got ourselves some chores done.

If there’s anything this Christmas has given me, it’s I’m super wildly lucky to be with my family, have a decent job and a lovely home.

{P.S.: Our much more exciting Christmas last year.}




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