Sleeping Angel.

She sleep like an angel.

At about 1.5 months old, she quit her midnight feed by herself gradually. From then on, all we need to do is just carry her for about 10-15 minutes (mostly) and she’ll fall asleep. We had been doing that until couple weeks ago hubbs said we should let her fall asleep on her own (instead of carrying her), just like how we did with JH when he was about 6 months old. I hesitated for a while and put it off because I know I will miss carrying her to sleep ( & also cause she’s my last baby). So I waited, but somehow early this week we decided to try it, as we try to minimize our contact with her since JH has conjunctivitis and some viral flu. We put her in the crib, we tell her that it time for bed and she needs to go to sleep. Whispering night night, we planted kissesat her forehead before closes her bedroom door.

On the first night, she fuss a little (making sounds as if pleading us to go in and carry her). We went in, she stop immediately and we decide to pat her to sleep. About 5 minutes on, she dozed off! We did this not expecting it to be easy (with JH, we did the CIO method). With her, she just made it so easy for us. Second night, 3rd night and thereafter, all we need to do is just put her in the crib, repeat those same phrases to her, switch off the light and close the door. Occasionally if I still hear her making sound after 5 minutes, I just need to go in, gave  her a few pat and she will fall right back to sleep.

Thank you baby Junna for making it easy for mommy & dada. You somehow fit into our lives perfectly when we weren’t certain how to cope with you coming into our lives. You’re truly Godsent from above. I’m so blessed to be your momma!

Welcome, 2017.


We had been super quiet when the clock strikes 12 on 31st December. We did nothing to commemorate the new year; not because we don’t welcome the new year, but after considering a year that tested much our faith, resilience and patience, we thought we could do let it pass quietly, just like everything else. That said, it hasn’t been a superlatively crappy year for us, with the birth of our baby girl, we moved to the coziest home I could ever dream off, traveled to Bangkok, Hong Kong (3 times!), not forgetting our babymoon… our life had filled with pretty amazing moments as well.

It has been a tough year, no doubt. Hubbs and I have not worked so hard in our life to provide for the family (which we vowed to work even harder this coming year). We learned, grew and attained so much in our workplace in exchange of some precious time with the family. So, the juggle is real.

But despite all these, we survived and we’re much wiser than last year. So, welcome 2017, I will grab you by the (pancake!) and embrace you with all the positivism that I have.