Welcome, 2017.


We had been super quiet when the clock strikes 12 on 31st December. We did nothing to commemorate the new year; not because we don’t welcome the new year, but after considering a year that tested much our faith, resilience and patience, we thought we could do let it pass quietly, just like everything else. That said, it hasn’t been a superlatively crappy year for us, with the birth of our baby girl, we moved to the coziest home I could ever dream off, traveled to Bangkok, Hong Kong (3 times!), not forgetting our babymoon… our life had filled with pretty amazing moments as well.

It has been a tough year, no doubt. Hubbs and I have not worked so hard in our life to provide for the family (which we vowed to work even harder this coming year). We learned, grew and attained so much in our workplace in exchange of some precious time with the family. So, the juggle is real.

But despite all these, we survived and we’re much wiser than last year. So, welcome 2017, I will grab you by the (pancake!) and embrace you with all the positivism that I have.


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