The hardest decision.

IMG_20180515_143155_728… has been made. Phew!

As I’m writing this, our pet project is progressing slowly (but surely) on site. It’s  something we created from heart, it was a true labour of love that included the hardwork of every partners and stakeholders in this project. For us, it’s the little dream of hubbs and I to realized. Something that we’re building together, for us. It gives us the relief away from work, though I admit the journey was as challenging as how we imagine when we decided to take a dive into it. We sacrifice so much of our time (from sleep, time with the kiddos, social mingling), but deep down we know, it’s something we want to build slowly for our future, for our sanity. The reward might not come in monetary value but from its truest inner satisfaction & fulfillment.

I once read that… “You have to work hard to get what you want in life. And if you work hard, if you’re passionate about what you do, and if you are kind to people along the way, it pays off in more ways that you can imagine.” I’m gonna hold on to that.




photo6309624635536287784509. A day that we Malaysians will remember deeply in our hearts.
509. A day where we see the unsung heroes living amongst us, near or far.
509. A day we united as one.
509. A day where we have come a long long way.
509. A day I see so many unwavering faiths of Malaysians striving towards one goal.
509. A day I learn that its never too late to right the wrongs from the past.
509. A day we truly learn the meaning of HARAPAN – HOPE – 希望
509. A day that we tell our children that we voted, for all the sane reasons, that we were hopeful.

In God we trust, in Him we surrender. Please be with us today.