Taking it slow.

IMG_20180726_092242_556Last Sunday, our day started at 10am. Junna and myself had been taking turns fallen sick and I just couldn’t make myself get out of the bed any earlier than that. JH wakes up before everybody else (about 7am) and he independently did his drawing in his room. Sunday usually are full of chores: Groceries, Sunday School, Chores, Errands … but this Sunday, we took our time. We made scramble egg, marmalade toast, assortment of cereals. Instead of rushing and ushering… we just took our time and it was really nice.


HFMD 2.0

Never in my wildest dream that our household could encounter HFMD twice! 2 years ago, both JH & hubbs been through the disease and it was excruciating! Having a normal flu and cough sucks. Having fever is awful. Having HFMD is indeed devastating! Physically it hurts (so bad); Mentally it breaks my heart not able to touch my kids (especially when Junna keep come running towards me for a hug); Emotionally I’m beyond touched that hubbs took over all of my mommy duties + taking care of me. I love my husband x100 times more during the fateful period.

  1. hubbs preps breakfast and lunch for me that I have in isolation in the room.
  2. During the isolation, I manage to catch up on some reading. Hubbs bought me ‘Bad Blood’ and it was sooooo good.
  3. Hubbs took a couple days off to take care of baby girl as I was in isolation mode.
  4. Spend loads of time doing house chores, making meals and lots of antiseptic cleaning (we were so paranoid that we dettol wipe all surfaces, door knobs, switches and of course the floor every single time I touches it.)
  5. Watching kids from a distance while having my mask and gloves on. It was dreadful!


If the’re anything that made me realized from this sickness is that…. we often take those little things for granted: holding hands, hugs, kisses, cuddles. A week of quarantine also made me realized that we do not spend enough time with the kids. Also, moments at the park with Junna makes me realized that we do not spend enough time with the kids. If we’re not careful, we will miss their childhood in the blink of an eye.

Happy 2nd Bithday, baby girl.

Lately, I’ve been reminiscing the earlier days when my baby pea was much much smaller, (and tamer :P). Today, she’s attending preschool and I’m pretty sure she would soon be crowned the loudest, feistiest (but cute) little terror. Sometime I wonder where did my sweet little baby pea go? Well, the universal truth is, our little girl has grown up. At two, she has become this spunky little person that’s spirited, persistent and dogged. In short, yes, she’s shown every signs of unladylike behavior and somewhat tom-boyishness gesture. I admire her courage, at the same time I’m fearful for her fearlessness. It’s scary that I can already imagine her personality and how she’s eager to go full on and take on the world. Very strong-willed child this one, as compared to her brother who’s Ohh-so-gentle.

Happy belated birthday little baby girl. This post came a little late, but I want you to know that you have all the qualities that I dreamt of you to have, which is why I want you to remember this…

My dearest baby girl,
Be loud, but be heard.
Have courage, but be kind.
Be strong, but embrace empathy at the same time.
Be mighty, with confidence (inside out).
Be assertive, but be nice.
Be stubborn, for the right reason.
Be a fighter, for the right cause.
Be tough, no matter how many time you need to pick yourself up.
Shine on, the world is waiting for you.

Love, mommy.