Reading, lately.

Reading Million Dollar Whale is just like train wreck that you know it’s coming, but no one is there to stop it. Every page you flip, you keep seeing dollar sign in millions and billions, so much so that you can’t keep up. That’s how much money that was wasted, which could have used to built multiple schools, hospitals and developing the country. As I flipped the pages, it just unfathomable how this modern heist could have happen here, in my home ground. It’s as thrilling as reading ‘Bad Blood‘.

Reading Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End, was quite thought provoking and it was an emotional roller coaster read. I first started this back in October 2018, I couldn’t finish it as it got too depressing. Simply put, the book is about Dying, but on one’s own term. Gawande argues that healthcare and medical treatments ultimate goal is not to prolong survival, but rather it should focus of the quality of life. Definitely not an easy read, but this book perturb me to think deeply about the choices we will all faced as our body aged and our mind breaks down.

Reading The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living, was light and cosy (my son’s current favourite word 🙂 ). Apart from getting introduced a more in-depth Danish lifestyle, this books reminds me to appreciate the small things in life. Everyday we were caught up in the ins and outs of life and you tend to forget to enjoy the little things. Some things just worth reminding and this book did just that.





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