About Codellia

My little puffball at 2 months old. How time flies.

Life is hard sometime. It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. Hard is what makes it great.
~ My little puffball at 2 months old. How time flies.

My name is Codellia, an interior designer by profession. I love design and could live by it every minute of it. I graduated from Birmingham City University, currently heading the Interior Design Department in a local SME organization here in Malaysia. We had also established Dots, which focus on external projects since 2011. Part of my blog will showcase the projects that we undertake and a little of my daily experience in interior designing. I find my job meaningful because what I do enhance people’s everyday life, especially in an environment where we cultivate and nurture the next generation of movers and shakers.

I started this blog to capture the bits and pieces of my life hoping that one day, my children (God bless if I ever have a second child) will be able to look back to mama’s life in this time capsule, and realize that Life is not always filled with bed of rosses. With precious memory captured, I hope it’ll be able to inspire and provide them the guidance they need to walk through this journey call Life.

I am inspired by all things beautiful and I believe Life is meant to be Live | Full. Every day, I strive to be a better person, and this blog will reminds me to take time and say grace to all the wonderful things around me, especially to my one and only soul mate and best friend, my husband.

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