Taking it slow.

IMG_20180726_092242_556Last Sunday, our day started at 10am. Junna and myself had been taking turns fallen sick and I just couldn’t make myself get out of the bed any earlier than that. JH wakes up before everybody else (about 7am) and he independently did his drawing in his room. Sunday usually are full of chores: Groceries, Sunday School, Chores, Errands … but this Sunday, we took our time. We made scramble egg, marmalade toast, assortment of cereals. Instead of rushing and ushering… we just took our time and it was really nice.



Weekend in Penang.

We had such a good weekend back home in Penang where we spent quality time with family and loved ones, as well as celebrating the wedding of my oldest childhood friend. It’s moments like these that made my heart feel so full with abundance.



Precious time in Kuching.

Last weekend, we travel to Cat City, mainly to visit, as hubby describe: ‘Favourite person on earth, probably the entire Galaxy – our dearest Madam Lu. We were there for 2.5 days and gladly we spend it mostly with her and her family. Ohhh, we also manage to pay a visit to a dear friend’s cake house, check out her amazing sweet savoury here.


If there’s one thing to describe our relationship with Mdm Lu, its: You don’t have to be related by blood to be family, Love is enough.

Happy Father’s Day.

To our favourite play-mate, awesome Lego builder, human seesaws (JLB knows what that means), chauffeur/transporter, the (occasional) sitter, bedtime singer, outdoor explorer, the ‘抱抱’ provider, professional toy fixer and ‘the one who knows everything’ (according to JWB), and not forgetting the one person who always taught us to always put Mommy first in everything that we do, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Thank you for being our Superhero Dada!

Love you Always JWB & JLB.

Happy 1st Birthday, Junna.

IMG_20170614_091554_146Happy Hatch Day my baby Junna! It felt surreal that you’ve been with us for the last 365 days when I feel like it was just yesterday I gave birth to this little pea. I never thought that I would love another baby as much as my first born, then she came around, quiet, calm, dainty and with her four-tooth grin and her gigling smiles, I fell in love all over again.

It’s been an amazing 365 days Junna, thank you for making our world so much better.

Life Goal at 30.

IMG_20170428_143252_818As I enter year 2017, I made a little resolution that I promise to achieve before I turn 30. I didn’t wrote it down (like the years before), simply because I’m not sure I can achieve it. Call me timid but life has been twice the insanity since our offspring doubled. Haha… Since I turned 30 last week and I had manage to achieve most of these little personal goals, I thought I’d write it down here…

Go to Gym at least 3 times a week.
At first, waking up at 6:15am seems to be so darn hard, but as the days goes by, I think the body has found its way to adjust its biological clock, and soon, I find myself wakes up at 5:45am sometimes to hit the gym. The main reason I went to the gym was to keep myself healthy, and after 4 months without knowing it, I realized my back pain has gone (I had this pain when I first deliver baby JN last year), and to my surprise I manage to fit into all my pre-pregnancy jeans and pants! I felt immense joy, really.

Sleep train baby JN.
If you’ve ready my previous post, I have mentioned that hubbs and I did not rush into it as she’d most probably be our last baby. She pass this process with flying colours! Since then, we don’t need to worry about putting her to sleep at all or even who’s putting her to sleep when both hubbs and I were away to Ho Chi Minh city.

Night training JH.
We started night training JH early this year and it turns out to be quite manageable. I won’t deny the first few weeks were hard, hubbs and I took turn to wake him up to pee, and sometimes we overslept and he’d just wet his bed (at one time he even pooped!). But as times goes by, we manage to predict and control his pee time – 12/1am before the hubbs goes to sleep and 5/6am when I wake up to go to the gym. We had this good rhythm for awhile and last week, my little boy woke up, went in my room and told me that he had to pee at 4am in the morning. Since then, he would magically wakes up and tell us he has to pee. I’ve also realized that he is able to hold it longer and only pee when he wakes up around 7/8am in the morning. Needless to say, I am so so proud of him!

Reduce: Waste & Plastics.
I’ve been following several bloggers and articles on their journey to ReduceWaste, ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Life without Plastics’. Turns out there are a lot of ways we can make a difference in safeguarding Mother Earth. I start to be conscious when I went grocery shopping, keeping in mind to stay away from produce that incur lots of plastic packaging. I’m not all out to turn my life upside down achieve ‘ZeroWaste’, but I know I can make a difference and I should cultivate the same value to my kids, because Everyone needs to engage their little personal commitment to live a little lighter on our planet.

Minimize and Simplify.
For the longest time, hubbs and I always have a soft spot for small home. Even when we can afford it, we just never really crave for a big house. Now raising our kids from 750 sqf apartment to our current one of 1050 sqf, we have since started our minimalist adventure and through minimizing and simplifying, we’re slowly transforming our home into a cocoon that are nurturing, comforting and calming for our little growing family. We are not 100% there yet but I hope we’re close. Having a space that are not cluttered with unnecessary junk and materials provide us the space that enable us to transform ordinary moments to precious memories. It is at this age that I truly realize the meaning of Less is indeed ‘More’ and Simple is indeed ‘Ethereal’.

{Her milk, his milk, our coffee on a typical Saturday morning.}

LIFE’S accessories.

Couple of days ago, we met up with an Australian lady who came to our office for interview. First glance, she looks really poised and elegant. As you look further, you can tell that she spend a lot of time putting together the whole appearance. Don’t get me wrong, she looks really pretty with her sense of clothes and her choice of accessories; and it just struck me: I’ve never spend more than 15 minutes to pick my outfit, do my make up, put myself together (before I dash out the door). So last night, I narrate this to the hubs (while carrying Junna to sleep), because I want to know, after 7 years of marriage, whether he would mind a wife who have Muji-palette clothing (mostly), a wife that does not adorn herself with accessories nor make her hair. Then he replied that he had known all of these before we tie the knot and that he doesn’t mind at all; And he said something that touches my heart: You don’t need all those accessories, you already have the biggest accessory one can have (pointing at the tiny little human that I’m carrying).

I gasped. At that moment, I know that I didn’t marry a person who tells me how pretty I am, I married someone who makes me feel beautiful and reminds me how blessed I am to be me.

Happy Father’s Day.


To the father of my children, Happy belated Father’s Day. We’ve been so occupied with  our little bud and chores that we didn’t acknowledge the occasion, let alone the celebration. We also overlook the date 18th of June, which marks our 5th wedding anniversary. But it’s ok, cause I know our life is so much fuller now with Junna in our lives, I hope God will continue to bless us so that we’ll have a lifetime to celebrate.

I love you.

Babymoon | Langkawi

On the weekend, hubbs and I went for a short retreat at Langkawi island up north. We spent 3 days chilling out together, exploring the beautiful rain forest, driving around the coastal, have coconut waters and a copious amount of seafood. It was absolutely glorious to be unplugged, away from the city (and our kid) and just simply take-our-time.

Too bad the weather was a little unforgiving due to the equinox phenomena. We tried to stay indoors during the noon when temperature is at its peak, but we made full use of our time to exploring and discovering this gorgeous island!

The unplanned vacation turned up to be pretty great. We stumbled upon places that we never knew existed, met great people across the globe as well as locals, and the whole journey kinda reminds us what made us Malaysians, Malaysia.


Date night.

Processed with VSCOcam

Last weekend, hubbs had a party event at the new Zouk in Jalan Tun Razak. Since the theme was ‘Back to School’, he actually put up an Oxford shirt & a bow tie. It’s actually quite funny. Anyways, we were there for like an hour or so and decided that clubbing/partying just aren’t our thing anymore. So we decided to leave early and cruise along KL city searching for street food. We pass by this place where we used to hunt for wedding card prints near Jalan Imbi. As we scratch our head thinking where to eat, we saw a hawker stalls along Jalan Imbi where there’s lots of people eating. So we decided to give it a try & it turns out to be the best damn ‘Hokkien Mee’ I’ve ever tried. Seriously its very scrumptious.

Then after, we decided to get some dessert. So hubbs brought me to Jalan Alor where there were rows and rows of street food. It’s like a food haven and tourist galore. You can basically see anyone from anywhere in the world, it just felt like I’m not even in Malaysia anymore. Tee-hee.

We were having lots of fun until my biological clock kicked in and I start to snooze on our way home. Looking back, we have not had so much fun just lingering and eat as we walk by. I learned that as marriage progress, it’s not the finer things you chase after, whether its splurgy dinners or weekend getaways, but the little things like eating street foods, putting sock & blanket for me when before I go to bed (because I’m too lazy). Those little things are what marriage is all about. (well, for me at least)