My ‘Pho-land’ Experience.


  • The food is AWESOME!!! Love every single meal that we have in HCMC.
  • There are motorbikes everywhere…
  • …which leads to a lot of honking.
  • Was a little overwhelm as I travel along the streets of Saigon, it reminded me of the scenes from ‘Heaven and Earth’ and made me realize how strong and resilience the Vietnamese are.
  • Buildings rental are base on the width of the space, no wonder most of shop lots are slim and narrow.
  • No visible drain can be seen, as it adopted the French underground sewerage and drainage system during the French Colony in the 1945… {After reading some articles, I realized that HCMC and Hanoi actually experiencing serious flash floods}
  • Chunky electrical and telecom wires which locals refer to as “spider web” can be seen everywhere in front of shop houses, residence and buildings.




Minimalist – Diaper Bag (for a newborn & a 4 yo)

IMG_20160825_131330.jpgFor the first two years of JH’s life, we’d been using a boxy diaper bag from simple dimple. After that it had been shoved inside the closet until recently when we took Junna out for her first outing. I find out it’s been rather bulky and a little inconvenient to retrieve things when we’re on the go. Therefore, I’d decided to change it while custom suite it to both of my kids – a newborn and a going-to-be 4 preschooler (while keeping it simplified).

img_20160825_131101The bag itself was a gift during Junna’s Fullmoon. It’s spacious, waterproof and has a just the right amount of pocket space. I have strip the content itself to bare minimum, keeping all items useful, small and portable, while accommodating the essentials for JN, JH and myself.

For Junna:

  • Disposable diapers, Nappy Liners, Wet wipes, Milk dispenser, milk bottle and a hot flask, Changing pad (*I’ve forgot to include her pacifier, which she desperately needs when she’s going to sleep)

For ‘Just-in-case’s’ extras

  • Onesie, Mittens, Cloth napkins, Muslin cloths, Pacifier, Sanitizer, Tissues, Hankies (washcloth), Disposable plastic bags (for dirty diapers)

For Ju-Hann’s

  • A (small) toy car, sketch book, activity books with some stationary, Mosquito repellent spray

For myself

Just my purse, phone, house & car keys,  which I tucked at the side so that I wouldn’t fumble looking for it.

IMG_20160825_131224.jpgI’ve packed & organised the contents into pouches and zipped lock bags so that 1) It wouldn’t get dirty if unused; 2) makes its easier to retrieve thing rather than having everything floating around; 3) to removed the stuff conveniently if I’m going out with just 1 kid.

For me and for now, I find with fewer things make the outing more manageable & comfortable… After all, we just want to cut down unnecessary stress when going out with 2 kids!

Few Favourite Things – July 2016

This new mobile phone… because when I ask him why he’d buy me a new phone, he said it’s tradition for my birth gift (he bought me this phone when I gave birth to JH).

This portable speakers… because we’d been dying to replace the bulky and faulty one for the longest time, we finally stumble upon this stunning, compact and so retro-looking that comes with an array of connectivity options. Plus, the cherry oak wood texture matches with our floorboards!

This breast pump that hubbs and I went hunting around… because I’m determine to try harder this time.

This adorable gift with an adorable gift box… because it’s from my ex-boss. I’m beyond touched.

…And of course… this little bud that I’m falling in love with, more and more each day!


Living with less.


Simplicity, no-frills approach is what I crave for these days. Muji’s Water Resistance Cotton Tote in navy.

We’ve recently moved to our new home and along the way we’ve since started to declutter our space as we thrive towards minimalist lifestyle. As we prepare for baby no.2’s arrival, I’m starting to organise the kids closets & storage, donating the extra hand-me-downs and toys to family and friends. It’s strange, but I get more excited when I start getting rid of things rather then buying things.

I’m so blessed that hubbs and I share the same mindset when it comes to the idea of having smaller closet, lesser storage and frugal material possession. Together, we’ve grown and learned to make wise decision through ‘buying less by buying better’. Amongst our top to go retailers are: IKEA, MUJI, UNIQLO. These platforms provide us with basic, classic versatile pieces when it to furniture, homewares and garments. And indeed, our happiness blossom bit by bit once we got rid of the unnecessary stuff, and the stressors that comes with it.

I’ll always remember Graham Hill‘s quote: “My space is small. My life is big.”








Few favourite things – March 2016

IMG_20160329_133344…this new makeup remover, because I’m just into French things lately
IMG_20160313_154119…this French press, because it’s given to me by my bestie and look how gorgeous the blue is!
IMG_20160326_160312…this frying pan, because the hubbs enjoyed cooking for the family and we love spending time cooking together in the kitchen, plus its impeccable quality of course.
IMG_20160322_093343…this travel French press, because I just can’t get enough of it.
IMG_20160326_155948…this phone, because it’s 4 years old now, and it had always been precious to me as hubbs purchase it for me (for the second time) as a gift after JH is born. (So glad to able to find a replacement battery)
IMG_20160326_155750…this map, because it brought us around Langkawi island. (Yes, we totally shut off Waze & Google Map for the entire trip!)


Few Favourite Things – Feb 2016

IMG_20160326_160232…this box of books, because it’s JH’s current favourite and he can read up to level 2!

IMG_20160326_155628…this multipurpose clear, because this beauty is truly a beast!

IMG_20160326_160959…these maternity cloths from H&M, because I didn’t know how comfortable & stylish they are!

IMG_20160329_133739…this crib, because soon JH will need to migrate to a bigger bed to make way for his little sister.

IMG_20160329_133630…this wooden floor, because we’ve been doing lots lego building, pre-school learning materials with JH here, thanks to that unfortunate event.

Minimalist Lifestyle – Face Stuff

As I’m creeping towards my late 20s, I notice that I had cut down my skincare regime and beauty products immensely. Just last week, hubbs made me threw away make up that I had own since my Uni years. Most of them were quite worn out and were just sitting there in the dresser. These days, I yearn for organic and multi function skincare, as well as fuss-free, simple make up look. Occasionally I would put on heavy make up for functions and events, however on normal days, I prefers to keep my appearance as natural as possible. I wasn’t always this way though, during my college and Uni years, I had lots of fondness towards make up, intrigue with things like bronzer, stick foundation, liquid illumination or elaborated brow kit.

10 years out, I still use make up, however I’ve become pickier about what I put on my face, as well as the preference to simplify the process, after all I believe that natural is beauty. As I grow older and more mature, my desire to live long healthy life triumphs vanity. In my quest towards minimalist and sustainable living, I hate to accumulate too much make up or skincare which will eventually cease its expiry dates. I’m glad that my dresser now contains the below collection that I’m pretty contented with. IMG_20150919_155402
IMG_20150919_154711 IMG_20150919_154844 IMG_20150919_155050

Few Favourite Things – July 2015

These precious artwork… because I know my baby’s learning new things everyday.

These sachets, because it detox all that junk that I take the day before, and it its refreshingly to have in the morning before I start work.

These chunky sticks, because it’s quick & easy to apply on my morning rush, while giving me me a polished look.

This book, because I can relate to my own working attitude and ethics.

This huge tote, because I can dump almost anything into it: milk bottle, snacks, documents, miniature & (big) machinery toy car, detail drawings and etc.

This ipad casing, because we got it dirt cheap at a local stall and it made our Ipad more travelling friendly.

Few Favourite Things – June 2015

My short hair… because it uses less shampoo and it dries faster.

Healthy eating regime – this includes a handful of vege & fruits intake.

This foundation… because I had not been using foundation for a long time, forgot how it can do magic to my skin.

This new addition to my collection… because I love Richard Templer’s book.

This emblem…. because my baby’s growing up.

Few Favourite Things – May 2015

These cotton pants… because they’re so comfy!

These rye crispbread… which goes so well with cream cheese, cheedar & slice of tomatoes!

This electrical lunch box of mine… because fresh cooked rice is so much better than the heated ones from the microwave, its oh-so-healthy.

Our weekend walk…. rain or shine.

& of course, this new pose of drinking milk….