Happy 2nd Bithday, baby girl.

Lately, I’ve been reminiscing the earlier days when my baby pea was much much smaller, (and tamer :P). Today, she’s attending preschool and I’m pretty sure she would soon be crowned the loudest, feistiest (but cute) little terror. Sometime I wonder where did my sweet little baby pea go? Well, the universal truth is, our little girl has grown up. At two, she has become this spunky little person that’s spirited, persistent and dogged. In short, yes, she’s shown every signs of unladylike behavior and somewhat tom-boyishness gesture. I admire her courage, at the same time I’m fearful for her fearlessness. It’s scary that I can already imagine her personality and how she’s eager to go full on and take on the world. Very strong-willed child this one, as compared to her brother who’s Ohh-so-gentle.

Happy belated birthday little baby girl. This post came a little late, but I want you to know that you have all the qualities that I dreamt of you to have, which is why I want you to remember this…

My dearest baby girl,
Be loud, but be heard.
Have courage, but be kind.
Be strong, but embrace empathy at the same time.
Be mighty, with confidence (inside out).
Be assertive, but be nice.
Be stubborn, for the right reason.
Be a fighter, for the right cause.
Be tough, no matter how many time you need to pick yourself up.
Shine on, the world is waiting for you.

Love, mommy.


Man of Honor.

Have you guys watch this movie called ‘ Man of Honor’?

I watched it with hubbs last week and I’ve got to say it’s one of the best movies I’ve ever watch. It’s been awhile since I watch a movie that made me hold my breath through moment-gripping scenes. I love how the story unfolds the unexpected, the reverse of heroism in a strict military environment,  and most importantly, the fact that it’s based on true story (if you know me by now, I’m a sucker for movies that are inspired/based on true-story).

It portrays the tenacity, the sheer determination, the undying perseverance to achieve one’s dream. Through sheer true grit, one overcome and rise above everyone and everything else. Definitely a must-watch with my kiddos when they’re older!

A couple of my favorite quote from the movie:

“Don’t quit when it gets hard.”

“Why do you want this so badly?” He responds, “Because they said I couldn’t have it.”

“What the hell did he ever say to make you try so hard?”
“Be the best.”


Growing up Fast.

IMG_20171121_142841_692Life has been so hectic for the past few months that I haven’t blog for awhile now. But today, I decided to jot this little entry because I’m super duper proud with my little boy’s achievement at school. Hubbs posted his report card of our eldest and he passed, with flying colours!

Last weekend, we attended his concert and one of the programme was the 6 year’s old’s graduation ceremony. They sing, dance, each with a fresh rose in their hand. And when they’re done, they were instructed to face towards their mommy and hand the flowers to their mommies. That scene made me choked up. It was at that moment that it hit me, next year this time it will be my boy’s turn. I missed my little boy so so much already.

Since he pass his 5th birthday, I’ve noticed that he has grown to be a little more mature, willing to take instructions and having less tantrums. His imagination always leaves me in awe, happy boyish talkative energy with funny stories, and the most amazing part, he’s full of empathy and kindness. I loved this boy so much, more and more each day.

This morning.

My morning started with burst of emotions. Hubbs was feeling under the weather so I had to drop JH at the school by myself. So usually there’ll be ample parking outside the building where we can conveniently parked and I will up JH to his school. But today, the guard cordoned off 4 numbers of parking for reserve and there weren’t any parking left. No matter how I plead, the guard won’t let me double park even though I said it’s gonna take me just 5 minutes. Don’t know why suddenly I was raging inside and I started to press so hard on the accelerator that the car jerked a little. JH who was seating beside me actually said “be careful mommy’! You drive carefully okay?” When I was about to take a turn to make my way to B4 (a.k.a. Basement 4, another entrance which is a lot further away to his school), I saw on my side mirror that there was an empty parking behind. I tried to reversed in by I was so angry inside that I just couldn’t manoeuvre in with a right angle (as there were many cars behind as well). Raging & furious, I finally give up and decided to just drive to B4 instead. I couldn’t make up why I’m so upset over the little incident or probably my pregnancy hormones are just messing with me. I felt frustrated and sore,that I let this little thing affect how I react and behave, with my child next to me. And just as I was drowning in my own emotions, suddenly JH said: “It’s okay mommy, we can go B4. It’s okay mommy.”

My heart melt instantly and made me feel like I want to have 10 babies! (yes, that’s pregnancy hormone for you.)

Weekends are for…

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Visit to the gynae for baby no. 2
Celebrate JH’s great-granddad 90’s birthday.
Clear off all the foods in the fridge.
Feeding the fish, birds and the monkeys with our overdue bread.
Watch a great movie.
Did huge piles of laudry (wash, dry, fold).
Having a pizza feast and Facetime with my bestie.




My weekend in point form.

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Our life had been so busy this weekend Argh!


  • We sent JH to his ex-nanny while we made our way to the lovely Saujana hotel to celebrate a close friend’s matrimony.
  • Before picking up JH, we stop by Summit to pick up some activity books for as they were having a big super sale.
  • We watched CREED (fairly touching) and had our leftover fried noodles for lunch.
  • JH wakes up from his nap and we went to IOI Mall in Puchong to celebrate his cousin’s birthday.
  • Linger more at the bookstore again and got some books as present for the birthday girl.


  • Woke up, had my toast, cook porridge and sweep the floor.
  • JH Drop by my office to set up some renderings for tomorrow’s presentation
  • Brought JH to the haircut while I got myself the long awaited travel press.
  • Got groceries at Tesco and head home.
  • JH had his nap, we had coffee and watched Home Alone 2 (It’s hilarious)!
  • Hubbs wipe the floor while I did some revision with JH
  • We went to the park and played ball.
  • Made dinner and some reading time with JH.

I’m exhausted, but I feel fulfilling at the same time. It’s weird.



I thought it seems like I should be cruising now since I made that big decision. But somehow, my principal was hospitalized, and naturally the job piled down on me. I have a big invitation to a major important presentation, but it seems that I might not be able to attend it due to inevitable meeting at work. I want to complete my thesis, but there’s literally no time. I want to just sit back and cook a nice meal for my family, but I’m uninspired.

Sigh.. talk about juggling, I’m struggling right now. ‘Deep breathe’.

UCSI Hotel, Kuching. The last bit.

Delayed post of my past work in my ex work place. 

Following my last work visit on our hotel on the east side, our project had soon kick start with tender process. ID wise, we had come out with several design, on the suites mostly, as the details are crucial for the tender to begin.

Base on my last post of this project, the café had since been reposition and is expanded. The design for the interconnecting corner suite, as well as executive suites has been generated.

Although I am no longer with the firm, I really hope the design can be carried out as what I envision.

cafe new
corner suite (connecting) 2 corner suite (connecting)
exec - v1 exec - v2
Hotel Room Suite -toilet 2 timber floor

Bare Necessity.

Today, while driving to work, Red.fm was playing all the hits classic songs from Disney from the past 3 decades, it was really nostalgic listening to ‘Can You feel the love’ (Lion King), ‘The Distance’ (Hercules), and ‘Friend Like Me’ (Alladin)… Then suddenly this songs came up!

At first, the tune & beat is quite fun and I can feel my body moving to the rhythm. Then as I listen further to the lyrics, it made me realize that in this age of the world, we are so caught up in the materialism stuff that we forgot how our ancestors starts with bare necessities. But the world made it so hard these days with so many gadgets such as I-Phone(s), Hybrid Cars, Samsung gear & etc. Technology is so advanced these days that if you don’t have that smart phone, you will be out-mode. Luxury become a craze and premium products seems to be the crowd favor these days, just look at the amount eateries open by The Big Group in the past recent years!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with chasing for what you want. Materialism is the proof of a person’s achievement and capabilities, as long as we stop complaining and start appreciate what we have, life can be pretty simple.

Lyrics extracted from ‘Bare Necessity’ from the Jungle Book:
And don’t spend your time lookin’ around
For something you want that can’t be found
When you find out you can live without it
And go along not thinkin’ about it
I’ll tell you something true

The bare necessities of life will come to you

Full Lyrics can be viewed here.

Wheel of Gratitude. What's yours?

Wheel of Gratitude. What’s yours?

Image via my Pinterest board under Beautiful Words.