The sweetest boy.

IMG_20170412_135220_272One night, while feeding Junna milk, JH came over, as usual, he will bring his truck car along and started to play around (he’s very sticky that way :). So I show JN’s tiny face scar (she’d fallen earlier that day crawling), and I told him to be careful as JN’s face is painful from the fall.

His response: “it’s ok Junna, let gor gor put magic for you.” – Put his hand towards JN’s cheeck (pretend that she blows into his palm) – Clapped! – Rubbed – and place his hand on her cheeck!

OMG! My heart Melt instantly at that moment!! He’s applying the magic trick that we’d use on him whenever he complains about pain (from falling, scratching, knocking, mosquito bites… etc).

He might not be the loud, rough, (definitely noisy), but I know he’s so kind, sweet and gentle. As small as the gesture could be, I am beaming with pride.!

**P.S.: He also shares his favourite fruit jelly to his grandparents, a reward after he finishes his homework. I gave him 4, I was suppose to share it with him. Each of us took 1, then surprisingly he ran towards to his 爷爷 and gave him one, later proceed to give another one to 嬷嬷. When he return, we’re suppose toast and eat it together, I decided to give him mine, just because he finally learns to share on his own!

Things aren’t always what they seem.

Recently, we discover a friend who’d been experiencing some rather unpleasant marital problems. Both hubbs and I were utterly filled with surprise and disbelief, simply because we were constantly in awe with his career success, his perfect family and how he constantly travel, explore, venture, progress and juggle everything all at the same time. And I released that this perfect little perception are molded and preconceived by our mind, with sole references on Social Network (and nothing else). The truth is, picture/videos only captures seconds of their life, there’s a whole lot of struggles that we’re not aware, which is perfectly normal, because that’s life.

Somehow, someway, God never fail to remind me that I’m not alone in this struggle, and comparatively, my problem are a lot smaller than these strong people.

So its time to chin up, and welcome each day with gratitude.

Mommy, can you sleep with me?

IMG_20170327_220240_047Lately, my eldest will utter these words when I put him to bed. It used to be hubbs who would put him to bed, where after the usual night routine (brush teeth, pee, had scott, emulsion & vitamins, wear his socks, say his prayers), he will sing a song of JH’s choice. Among JH’s favourite songs are:

  1. Summer of 69
  2. Dream
  3. Only You
  4. Can’t Help Falling In Love (He called this ‘Wise Man’ song. LOL)
  5. Eternal Flame
  6. Wonderful World
  7. Eelderwisse
  8. Moon River
  9. Sunshine

But hubbs had been working late for awhile now, so most of the days I gotta put that cheeky monkey to bed. I don’t know how it happen but I must have slept on his bed with him  a couple of times, and somehow it just because something that he’s attached to, even if its for 5 minutes. It just so happened that around this time, we’ve established Junna’s sleeping habit, so we can just put her in her crib (after her last feed around 9pm), and she’ll go to sleep on her own, and bless me some time to spend with his gorgor before the day ends.

It may seem like a very little gesture but I know it means the world to him whenever I spend a few minutes with him on bed before sleep. He will choose the sides he’d like to sleep on, ask me to hug him tighter, share the blacket with me, tell me what he wants for his bento breakkie etc…I don’t know when I start to appreciate this precious little time with him, but it just overwhelms me whenever I think about how fast he’s growing up and one day, he wouldn’t want me to sleep on his bed anymore.

So for now, my dear baby Ju, I will sleep with you for as long as you want me to.

Most Productive Weekend.

6:15am – woke up, and went for a mini hike/walk around our area with hubbs.
8am – breakkie at a new found place where they have nasi lemak to-die-for.
8:30am – Meet up contractor to view my friend’s new pad for renovation.
9:30am – send Ju-Hann for Eye-Level class.
9:40pm – proceed to look for Pos Malaysia nearby to post some stuff for our nieces & nephews.
11:00am – had pan mee (comfort food) near Ju-Hann’s Eye-Level class.
11:25pm – fetch Ju-Hann from EyeLevel class and send him to Art Class.
11:45pm – Arrived home, meet another contractor for the same house.
12:30pm – fed Junna porridge, shower.
1pm – Hubbs went to fetch Ju-Hann ffrom Art Class.
1:30pm – Bathe JH, had lunch while watching ‘Planes 2’ together (was amazed with the stroryline.
3:pm – put both kids to sleep
3:30pm – went back to the office to work.
8pm – Arrived home, had dinner

4:30am – woke up & get ready for our journey back to IPOH for Ching Ming, we had McD, yummy hawker food, did our prayers and came home by 12:30pm.
For the rest of the day, we just stayed home, did some homework with JH, tidy up the house, and eventually sent my mom to the airport before ending the night.

My ‘Pho-land’ Experience.


  • The food is AWESOME!!! Love every single meal that we have in HCMC.
  • There are motorbikes everywhere…
  • …which leads to a lot of honking.
  • Was a little overwhelm as I travel along the streets of Saigon, it reminded me of the scenes from ‘Heaven and Earth’ and made me realize how strong and resilience the Vietnamese are.
  • Buildings rental are base on the width of the space, no wonder most of shop lots are slim and narrow.
  • No visible drain can be seen, as it adopted the French underground sewerage and drainage system during the French Colony in the 1945… {After reading some articles, I realized that HCMC and Hanoi actually experiencing serious flash floods}
  • Chunky electrical and telecom wires which locals refer to as “spider web” can be seen everywhere in front of shop houses, residence and buildings.



Design Lessons.

I haven’t written anything lately because I’ve been super duper busy with work, it’s crazy! Currently I’m working on 2 big project (probably the biggest 2 in my life) and the amount of drawings, 3d renderings, design research, detailing is insane! Not to mention I’d also have to oversee the costing, scheduling and the PM side of it. That said, I’m not complaining, it’s good experience and it’s good portfolio. I just need to work harder.

As much as I lament about my work sometimes, I feel blessed to be able to work in my present company. We have a great team of people, conducive environment, location that are real close to home. Work wise, yes, its challenging, it’s tough but that’s what keeps you going, what made you better. I had decide to note down the greatest lessons that I attained in my short period of 21 months working in this firm:

The Power of Visual Impact
One thing that my boss taught me good is that visual is everything, especially when your clientele consists of royalty and billionaires. There had been many instances we redo and redo the presentation slides just because we can’t get the whole look and feel right… it is true when they say, ‘picture speaks a thousand words.’

Design First
Where I was trained previously, cost and time comes first, cost especially. In this firm, it was Aesthetic, always. I was taught to put design first and everything else will have to work around it. I was so confused at first, but now I learn to accept that its only when ‘Design First’, you are able to create design breakthrough, kinda like the philosophy behind Apple, if you know what I mean.

Design and Change
I guess every designers regardless of any industry will experience the amount of changes involved before we see the end product, whether it’s coming from the client, the boss, the contractor or supplier. However, the changes on this project that I work on is particularly appalling. The design of the space has evolved radically since it was first drawn and up till now even during construction. I took a course in my MA last time called Change Management. And the first line in the textbook was: If there’s anything that’s constant is Change. So true. As much it’s against every cell of the regimented and habitual personality that I am, I’m starting to grasp and accept that change is inevitable, and it is only through change, we are able to progress and advance.

Design is about the Story
I have met amazing people when i started working here and there is one particular gentleman that touches my heart whenever we have a conversation. He was our supplier who been assisting us with the sourcing and purchasing of all the luxurious and regal influenced furniture from Italy, Germany as well as across Europe. He once said that design is always about the story, how it connect and touches with the people, the key to a successful presentation is not how great your design, but how it really touches their heart, kinda just like  Ratatouille

Conversation with JH.

img_20170128_235542_817In the morning when I was getting him ready for school…
Me: Juju, give mommy a kiss (pouting lips waiting for his kiss)
JH: No mommy, I don’t want to kiss your mouth, I want to kiss your nose…
Me: Why?
JH: Because your nose is pretty

Sweetest thing my son ever said to her baby sister.
JH: I’m a policemen.
Me: Really? That’s great. What about Junna?
JH: Junna’s a princess. Policeman will protect princess from the bad people, right mommy?

One of those moments when he was naughty and we got so angry at him. At night, when he goes to be, as usual he resides his prayer:
“Dear God, please bless JH, JN, dada & mommy to be safe & sound, to be happy and healthy. Amen.
“Dear God, please bless JH to be a good boy. Amen”
JH: Dada, I want to say another prayer.
Hubbs: ok.
JH: Dear God, please bless JH to be a good boy so dada is not angry. Please also bless Junna to get well and so we will all be happy. Amen.

Somewhere during the end of CNY, another incident where he say a new prayer, all on his own.
“ Dear God, please bless our family to be together, so we can mix mix the vege together, because I like to mix the vege then eat the vege. Amen.
F.Y.I.: mix mix vege = Yee Sang (Properity toss)

Sometime while we’re at the lift or walking along a corridor, I will name all the fruits or vegetable and ask JH which letter does it start with… so we did that this morning.
What letter does Watermelon start with?
JH: W!
How about Orange?
JH: O!
Me: Pear?
JH: P! P!
Me: Jackfruit?
JH: J!
Me: How about Ju-Hann?
JH: But Im not a fruit…
Me: Laugh out loud.

Sleeping Angel.

She sleep like an angel.

At about 1.5 months old, she quit her midnight feed by herself gradually. From then on, all we need to do is just carry her for about 10-15 minutes (mostly) and she’ll fall asleep. We had been doing that until couple weeks ago hubbs said we should let her fall asleep on her own (instead of carrying her), just like how we did with JH when he was about 6 months old. I hesitated for a while and put it off because I know I will miss carrying her to sleep ( & also cause she’s my last baby). So I waited, but somehow early this week we decided to try it, as we try to minimize our contact with her since JH has conjunctivitis and some viral flu. We put her in the crib, we tell her that it time for bed and she needs to go to sleep. Whispering night night, we planted kissesat her forehead before closes her bedroom door.

On the first night, she fuss a little (making sounds as if pleading us to go in and carry her). We went in, she stop immediately and we decide to pat her to sleep. About 5 minutes on, she dozed off! We did this not expecting it to be easy (with JH, we did the CIO method). With her, she just made it so easy for us. Second night, 3rd night and thereafter, all we need to do is just put her in the crib, repeat those same phrases to her, switch off the light and close the door. Occasionally if I still hear her making sound after 5 minutes, I just need to go in, gave  her a few pat and she will fall right back to sleep.

Thank you baby Junna for making it easy for mommy & dada. You somehow fit into our lives perfectly when we weren’t certain how to cope with you coming into our lives. You’re truly Godsent from above. I’m so blessed to be your momma!

Welcome, 2017.


We had been super quiet when the clock strikes 12 on 31st December. We did nothing to commemorate the new year; not because we don’t welcome the new year, but after considering a year that tested much our faith, resilience and patience, we thought we could do let it pass quietly, just like everything else. That said, it hasn’t been a superlatively crappy year for us, with the birth of our baby girl, we moved to the coziest home I could ever dream off, traveled to Bangkok, Hong Kong (3 times!), not forgetting our babymoon… our life had filled with pretty amazing moments as well.

It has been a tough year, no doubt. Hubbs and I have not worked so hard in our life to provide for the family (which we vowed to work even harder this coming year). We learned, grew and attained so much in our workplace in exchange of some precious time with the family. So, the juggle is real.

But despite all these, we survived and we’re much wiser than last year. So, welcome 2017, I will grab you by the (pancake!) and embrace you with all the positivism that I have.

Christmas 2016.

This year, we spent our Christmas recovering: from sickness, work, sleep deprivation and more. Baby Junna (& hubbs, later on myself) had gotten sick since we came back from our Penang trip, she never really recover from the fever, and it has since dragged on to severe cough and flu. It has been so painful juggling our full time work schedule while running back and forth to the clinic, staying awake tending to a sick baby (and attention-deprived 4 yr old). There were no Christmas music, no decoration, no fairy lights, no Christmas movie as we were dead tired most of the time.

But thank God, Christmas came and baby Junna show signs of recovery and all is right with the world again. We had a lovely home-cooked Christmas eve dinner (with desserts and everything), spend time with cousins, wrap a pressie for JH and got ourselves some chores done.

If there’s anything this Christmas has given me, it’s I’m super wildly lucky to be with my family, have a decent job and a lovely home.

{P.S.: Our much more exciting Christmas last year.}