To a slower 2018.

IMG_20180107_073755_838Taking a few steps back, live a little slower.
Looking back the past year, I felt that a lot of my energy was poured on social media and online reading. Somehow, the more I read/watch, the more drawn I was to read/watch, afraid of missing any news feed/article. As I grew older, time are so precious to me that I want to focus on things that are important: my family, my health, my work, my mini goals to be better. I will venture into making food (& coffee) more, read a little more and just basically go a little slower whenever I’m not working.

Taking baby steps on sustainability.
Instead of focusing on ‘zero waste’, I would like to start by ‘reducing waste’. It’s rather challenging for working mom like me to discard all food that comes with packaging (whether it’s bio or non biodegradable materials). Instead I’ve decided to take baby steps, consuming less, conscious buying and generally remind myself to reduce carbon footprint wherever possible. As small as it is,  we’ll make gradual shift in our in our habits to safeguard the planet we call home. Some tips here if you’re striving towards reducing waste like me.

Taking on slow parenting.
Slow parenting cherishes quality over quantity, being in the moment, and making meaningful connection with your family,” an excerpt about slow parenting in this article. I loved the idea about simply watching your children. I’ve been showering both JH & JN together during the weekends, it started all because I wanted to cut short the time, but they ended up giggling and having so much fun scrubbing down each other, playing with water, buckets and empty shampoo bottles. Its these moments that I take my time to just look at them, to soak up all their innocence and goofiness that it breaks my heart from overflowing sweetness. Those precious moments made me feel like the luckiest person be their mommy.

There, these are my 3 little resolution towards a slower (hopefully better) 2018. What’s yours?






Happy 1st Birthday, Junna.

IMG_20170614_091554_146Happy Hatch Day my baby Junna! It felt surreal that you’ve been with us for the last 365 days when I feel like it was just yesterday I gave birth to this little pea. I never thought that I would love another baby as much as my first born, then she came around, quiet, calm, dainty and with her four-tooth grin and her gigling smiles, I fell in love all over again.

It’s been an amazing 365 days Junna, thank you for making our world so much better.

A day as a working mom of two.

7 am – wake up, shower and get dress.
7:15am -prepare breakfast, pack breast pump bag, pack JH’s school bag, pack baby’s bag to mom-in-law’s.
7:45am –  wake JH up, make him a bottle of milk. Wake hubbie up. Put on my make up
8am – Get JH to change into uniform, clean face, brush his teeth.
8:15am – Wake up Junna, drop her off at mom-in-law’s
8:25am – Send JH to school en-route to work.
8:50am – Reach office. Have breakfast, browse through FB, articles and blogs.
9:30am – Work (I try to pump at least twice a day).
6:15pm – Leave work to fetch JH.
6:45pm – Drop by the playground for JH to sweat it out abit.
7pm – Arrive mil’s place, have dinner, shower myself and JH, cuddling with Junna, activity work with JH.
9:25pm – Leave mil’s to go back to our place.
9:30 pm – Get JH to bed (brush teeth, diaper) while I will be carrying Junna to sleep.
9:45pm – JH’s bed time. Around the same time Junna will have her last feed of the day.
10:15pm – Put Junna to sleep.
10:30pm – Laundry, pack up tomorrow’s lunch, sterilize the bottles, pump, boils the water, take out the trash.
11:30pm – Zzzzzz

This is just a typical rendition of the day where everything went smoothly, according to plan and schedule. Most of the time, life with a baby and a 4 year old is always chaotic and topsy-turvy. Sometimes, I slept pass 12am and sometimes I woke up realised that its close to 8am! When you have kids, your life is never in your hands, really. 😛

(Crappy) Sunday.

Last Sunday was one of the day I realized that my kid (if not pushed/forced/nagged/scold) will not do his homework (yes, they have homework even at this age). He will be 4 in October and we’ve noticed he is experiencing some behavioral change lately. I’m not sure if its the new baby, peers influence or us not spending enough time with him; he’d been very naughty, rude and does not take instructions at all!

I keep hearing myself repeating things over and over again:

JH, come drink your water
JH, please go pee pee before we leave
JH, time for nap
JH, quickly finish your lunch/dinner/breakfast
JH, no toys on the dining table
JH, wear your pants on your own

I feel a part of me died little by little when trying to get him to write his numbers. He twitch, whine, sigh, make funny faces, cry with every single stroke as he write. Seriously this kid can’t focus even for just 5 seconds!

And then there’s me facing emotional struggle of going back to work next week, my mind was all about packing my work bag, lunch bag, breast pump bag while catching up on all the latest work emails, while worrying how my body will cope with the routine of going back to work. Hubbs had also been facing some work stress and therefore all of us weren’t in the right frame of mind.

It was such a shitty day… and then I look through my phone, I saw this and I smile.


We’ll be okay, I told myself.

Baby No. 2: Happy One Month Old!

Time flies when you’re smudge amidst that newborn baby bliss as well as the sleepless nights. We’re still wandering around this 2 kid thing and it really is hard work! I wonder how those 3 0r 4 kids mom does it? They have my absolute respect! Don’t get me wrong, the newborn part does seems easier, however the juggling between providing attention to both kids is something we still need to get the hang of it. Ju-Hann is bonding (slowly & subtly) with his little sis and its nice to see our family complete as a whole.

Here’s to wishing my little bud happy one month old! She’s still tiny but she is loud (when it’s feeding time!) and she makes this little cooing sound like a baby seal. I look forward to watch her grow up healthily, happily and discover how she’ll be different from his big brother.

It’s been the best and bright one month, can’t wait for the months to come. I know we’ll fumble and tumble along (especially when I go back to work), but will try to have as much fun as we can along the way.
Love you to the moon & back baby Junna!

Parenting a sickly child.

IMG_20160227_073309Finally, after 2 long weeks, our battle with a sickly kid is finally over. We had never been more exhausted, drained and mentally strained, trying to juggle between work and taking care of JH while he’s having fluctuating fever, acute vomit and constant diarrhea. It was even more intense when hubbs and I were contracted with the virus as well! All those sleepless nights and trips to the clinics makes me wonder why the heck did I want a second kid??!!

I have to admit thought, that hubbs and I enjoyed the couple of days of QUIETNESS, although it breaks out heart to see that he’s so weak and unlike his usual self. Today, finally that little rascal in him has emerged and our house was again filled with endless chitty-chatter, vehicle sound effects, made-up songs singing, animal noises and the list goes on. Yupe, he’s back for sure, and we’re just relieve that our life are back to normal.