3 months with Junna.

img_20160914_091203Our baby girl turns 3 month old yesterday! She’s grown quite a bit (no longer a wee little pea!). She is indeed a sweet little pea. After turning 1 month shortly, she has started to sleep through the night. She’s so quiet sometimes that I would forgot that she’s there. She hardly cries, her tears are mostly for legitimate reasons e.g. hungry, wet nappy and when she needs a cuddle to sleep.

Before her arrival, I have doubts whether I will be able to love her as much as I love JH. 3 months passes by and I’m marveled how much I love this little pea of mine! I love her toothless smile, her cooing sound and how she likes to snug her head onto my chest when she wants to sleep. Everything about her is just perfect!

Happy 3 months old baby girl, I feel so blessed to be your mommy.


(Crappy) Sunday.

Last Sunday was one of the day I realized that my kid (if not pushed/forced/nagged/scold) will not do his homework (yes, they have homework even at this age). He will be 4 in October and we’ve noticed he is experiencing some behavioral change lately. I’m not sure if its the new baby, peers influence or us not spending enough time with him; he’d been very naughty, rude and does not take instructions at all!

I keep hearing myself repeating things over and over again:

JH, come drink your water
JH, please go pee pee before we leave
JH, time for nap
JH, quickly finish your lunch/dinner/breakfast
JH, no toys on the dining table
JH, wear your pants on your own

I feel a part of me died little by little when trying to get him to write his numbers. He twitch, whine, sigh, make funny faces, cry with every single stroke as he write. Seriously this kid can’t focus even for just 5 seconds!

And then there’s me facing emotional struggle of going back to work next week, my mind was all about packing my work bag, lunch bag, breast pump bag while catching up on all the latest work emails, while worrying how my body will cope with the routine of going back to work. Hubbs had also been facing some work stress and therefore all of us weren’t in the right frame of mind.

It was such a shitty day… and then I look through my phone, I saw this and I smile.


We’ll be okay, I told myself.

Minimalist – Diaper Bag (for a newborn & a 4 yo)

IMG_20160825_131330.jpgFor the first two years of JH’s life, we’d been using a boxy diaper bag from simple dimple. After that it had been shoved inside the closet until recently when we took Junna out for her first outing. I find out it’s been rather bulky and a little inconvenient to retrieve things when we’re on the go. Therefore, I’d decided to change it while custom suite it to both of my kids – a newborn and a going-to-be 4 preschooler (while keeping it simplified).

img_20160825_131101The bag itself was a gift during Junna’s Fullmoon. It’s spacious, waterproof and has a just the right amount of pocket space. I have strip the content itself to bare minimum, keeping all items useful, small and portable, while accommodating the essentials for JN, JH and myself.

For Junna:

  • Disposable diapers, Nappy Liners, Wet wipes, Milk dispenser, milk bottle and a hot flask, Changing pad (*I’ve forgot to include her pacifier, which she desperately needs when she’s going to sleep)

For ‘Just-in-case’s’ extras

  • Onesie, Mittens, Cloth napkins, Muslin cloths, Pacifier, Sanitizer, Tissues, Hankies (washcloth), Disposable plastic bags (for dirty diapers)

For Ju-Hann’s

  • A (small) toy car, sketch book, activity books with some stationary, Mosquito repellent spray

For myself

Just my purse, phone, house & car keys,  which I tucked at the side so that I wouldn’t fumble looking for it.

IMG_20160825_131224.jpgI’ve packed & organised the contents into pouches and zipped lock bags so that 1) It wouldn’t get dirty if unused; 2) makes its easier to retrieve thing rather than having everything floating around; 3) to removed the stuff conveniently if I’m going out with just 1 kid.

For me and for now, I find with fewer things make the outing more manageable & comfortable… After all, we just want to cut down unnecessary stress when going out with 2 kids!

Few Favourite Things – July 2016

This new mobile phone… because when I ask him why he’d buy me a new phone, he said it’s tradition for my birth gift (he bought me this phone when I gave birth to JH).

This portable speakers… because we’d been dying to replace the bulky and faulty one for the longest time, we finally stumble upon this stunning, compact and so retro-looking that comes with an array of connectivity options. Plus, the cherry oak wood texture matches with our floorboards!

This breast pump that hubbs and I went hunting around… because I’m determine to try harder this time.

This adorable gift with an adorable gift box… because it’s from my ex-boss. I’m beyond touched.

…And of course… this little bud that I’m falling in love with, more and more each day!


Baby No. 2: Happy One Month Old!

Time flies when you’re smudge amidst that newborn baby bliss as well as the sleepless nights. We’re still wandering around this 2 kid thing and it really is hard work! I wonder how those 3 0r 4 kids mom does it? They have my absolute respect! Don’t get me wrong, the newborn part does seems easier, however the juggling between providing attention to both kids is something we still need to get the hang of it. Ju-Hann is bonding (slowly & subtly) with his little sis and its nice to see our family complete as a whole.

Here’s to wishing my little bud happy one month old! She’s still tiny but she is loud (when it’s feeding time!) and she makes this little cooing sound like a baby seal. I look forward to watch her grow up healthily, happily and discover how she’ll be different from his big brother.

It’s been the best and bright one month, can’t wait for the months to come. I know we’ll fumble and tumble along (especially when I go back to work), but will try to have as much fun as we can along the way.
Love you to the moon & back baby Junna!

Baby No. 2: Cloth Diapers

img_20161026_165919I started using cloth diaper for JH when he was taken care by his babysitter back then. When he started to crawl, we started to use these so that his cloth diaper wouldn’t fall off easily. I chose to use cloth diaper mainly for its gentler environmental footprint. Though it requires an extra step in terms of washing and drying, in the long run it saves tonnes of money. I think I bought a total of 4 dozens during JH’s time and added another dozen before Junna is born. I love the fact that it launders & dries easily, get softer as it wear and last forever.

I uses these cloth diapers as:

  • Blanket/Pillow
  • Burp cloths; wiping spit ups
  • Lining in a bassinet/car seats/strollers
  • A fold up under my elbow for comfort during nursing and feeding.

Also highly recommends must-haves are cotton muslin for swaddling. Though we only swaddle Junna for the first few weeks (she still uses it sometimes during nap time), it also comes in handy for blocking sun, extra wrapping when the wind and rain comes when she’s outdoor.









Junna’s Birth Story.

I remember writing about JH’s birth story on my little turquoise baby diary that hubbs bought for me 4 years ago. This time, I though I’d publish it here now that I have a personal blog to document moments of our lives…simply because these precious details aren’t going to remember themselves so it must be written down, so that in 10, 20 years time I would be able to walk down memory lane and recall this special moment.

Every birth is different, it takes you by surprise and I certainly was faced with a huge bombshell when we were advised by our gynae to bring forward Junna’s EDD by 10 days – with a C-sec. You see, with my firstborn, he exceeded the EDD and I was induced into labour, so naturally I thought it’d be the same, since I don’t feel any contraction or cramps.  And due to my low AFI, our gynae advise that the quickest and safest way was to deliver her via C-sec. With our first child, we’d never have a birth plan, nor are we particular on how the birth plan should be. We just set an open mind that we should do whatever it takes to keep mother and baby safe. So we agreed to the procedure. The decision send us into frenziness with hubbs and I trying to settle all the work stuff, (repack) the hospital bags, cut hair, shopping to stock up our fridge and pantry, not forgetting, went for a movie date. It all happen so fast that I haven’t even digest the idea of having our baby by next Monday!

Moments before we were dropped the bombshell news

Moments before we were dropped the bombshell news

One last date night as the parents of 1.

One last date night as the parents of 1.

On Monday morning, we checked ourselves into the hospital. Somehow the schedule operation was delayed from 12pm to 1:30pm. Hubbs drop me off and went back to work. I spend the following hours reading up Pregnancy books (i know, can’t be more last minute right?). The most torturous part apart from the waiting is that I was so so so hungry. Due to the operation, I was required to fast and therefore waiting with a hungry tummy just feels like time is passing by exceptionally slow. Finally it’s almost 1pm and I was asked to change, lie on the triage and was pushed all the way to the OT. At the holding area, we were told that the operation will be scheduled to 2:30pm as the previous operation was delayed. Thank God hubbs was there to keep me company and we decide to google ‘why we need to fast before operation’. Ohh… and we take selfies of us in the scrubs, which is kinda funny. I don’t think anyone laugh that hard inside the holding bay. I also remember studying the layout and composition of the whole place since I worked as a medical planner before. As such, it didn’t seemed that long before I was pushed into the OT.

Wefie in scrubs!

Wefie in scrubs!

First thing I notice is that the OT is an extremely bright area, unlike those that you see in Grey’s anatomy, where it’d dimmed at the side and have background music. And, it’s FREEZING cold! I remembered shivering so hard until they inserted warmer. Once I’m in, they start to hook me up with some needles and stuff on my arm. Later, the anesthesiologist came in and provided the jab on my spine which sends my lower body part numb in just seconds. That’s when I start to feel cold+numb+giddy+headache. They then insert a urinary catheter and start position my body preparing for the operation. You have no idea how expose you feel until you are.

I think at 2:30pm sharp, my gynae came in and he said he’s gonna make the cut. I remember being scared and cold+numb+giddy+headache. I also remember hubbs was at my side holding my hands and saying prayers. In just a few minutes, I can feel a lot of tugging and pulling on my abdomen, at that point of time, I just told myself to be strong and soon it’ll pass and we’ll have our beautiful baby, and I prayed, I prayed so hard for my baby to be delivered healthy and fit. Next, I heard my gynae pop his head over and tell me that he’s gonna take out the baby now and I’m gonna feel a little pressure. Boy that pressure was not little! It’s was a huge pressure I can feel that I was being pressed so hard that I have difficulty breathing! I remember grasping hubbs hand so hard and in seconds I heard baby’s cry, my baby’s cry. tears start streaming down and I can finally let myself relief, knowing that baby is ok, our gynae showed us the gender and quickly hand it to th peads to do the vital check up on the baby. Next it was just the feeling of cold+numb+giddy+headache while the docs try to fix me up. Our pediatrician pop by and told me that baby is good and healthy and the anesthesiologist place the baby on my face. I remember her opening her eyes and I manage to plant a few kisses on her little soft cheek. Soon, it was all over, and I was wheeled to the post-op holding area where I continue shivering, before I was wheeled into my room. I had some drinks and was glad that I didn’t throw up. Soon, the nurse at the nursery wheel little Junna in and all 3 of us (my mom, hubbs and I) spend the next hour or so cuddling her.

Freshly baked from the oven.

Freshly baked from the oven.

Junna was born at 2:49pm on June 13th and she’s perfectly healthy, despite weighing only 2.46 kg. We are extremely lucky and dare I even say blessed. We stayed in the hospital for 2 nights, in which hubbs and mom-in-law pop by now and then to care for us. And, that;s how our life change (again) in just that few seconds…

I'm a mother (again).

I’m a mother (again).

It’s been 2 weeks now and everything has been great (apart from lack of sleep). We had just moved into our new house, so did our folks. I am immensely blessed that I have the support from my family. The pain was more manageable compare to my natural birth the first time, thus it allows me more time and the flexibility to lay around, nurse and care for our little bud. I’m definitely gonna make the best of my 2 months maternity to spend time with my 2 offspring, because I think this is probably the last time I’ll be enjoying such long long holiday.

Ju-Hann meeting Junna for the very first time.

Ju-Hann meeting Junna for the very first time.

P.S.: I just realized this is my longest post just yet. 

Baby No. 2: Junna


After a number of post on baby no. 2, finally she has arrived. Today was supposed to be her actual due date, but due to my low AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index) during our last antenatal check up, my gynae advised that it’s better to take her out via C-sec, just to avoid any complications. And because he’s the best (that I know), we take his word. And thus, Junna Lilie Bey was born on 13th June at 2:49pm.

Junna looks alot like Ju-Hann, but a feminine version. She’s small, quiet and dainty. She has the most delicate fingers ever! Ju-Hann has been most caring and curious towards baby Junna, and he had behaved so well ever since Junna and I was discharged from the hospital. I couldn’t ask for more, really.

I can officially say that I have kids now, not kid, not child, not offspring. It’s weird that now I refer to Junna as ‘女儿 ‘ as I speak to hubbs, it used to be just ‘孩子 ‘. It’s such a wonderful feeling.

Welcome to the family, little Junna. You are my little angel and I feel so blessed to have you in our lives.

Happy Father’s Day.


To the father of my children, Happy belated Father’s Day. We’ve been so occupied with  our little bud and chores that we didn’t acknowledge the occasion, let alone the celebration. We also overlook the date 18th of June, which marks our 5th wedding anniversary. But it’s ok, cause I know our life is so much fuller now with Junna in our lives, I hope God will continue to bless us so that we’ll have a lifetime to celebrate.

I love you.